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Bedtime Thoughts

Bedtime Thoughts

Tired, but can't sleep, thinking of Aria. Run away if you don't like mushy musings.

Those nights when you just want to sleep. In this instance, I can't because I don't want to miss my alarm, so can't seem to sleep deeply enough. So I've picked up my phone, and started writing about it. It's thoughtless and stupid. I've no idea if this thing will tail off, or turn into something, but it's worth investigating with both hands.

I can't sleep. Beep, beep, beep, goes the smoke alarm. The battery needs replacing, but none of us can be arsed, so it just beeps. A source of frustration.

I'm so bored. I don't think I'm cut out for sleeping this early 2:30am is just too early to go to bed. Two hours earlier than my usual bedtime. Some say that I'm an owl because of my nocturnal routine, but wouldn't cat be more fitting? My nickname is Kitty, after all.

I'm starting to get tired, now, but if I try to sleep, the cycle of not sleeping, then mumbling and grumbling will just keep going on, endlessly, until I pass out, so I'm writing still.

I honestly don't know what else to write about, so I'll just write about Aria.

I've found that I can't live without her. I simply need to see her, hear her, feel her near me. Even although we are a bunch of thousands of miles away from one another, we are pretty damned close. Even when we took a break earlier in the year, we still talked, we still Skyped a lot, and we still were very close. I don't think there's much that could keep us away from one another.

It's cool, having someone to love, to call "girlfriend", and just to enjoy life with. When we meet, I want to give her one of those epic, long hugs. You know the type. The ones that are so tight and close, that you feel as if you've become one with the other person. The world stops, ceases to be, and in that moment, you're the only people there. Nobody and nothing matters, but you and your passionate, tight embrace. That's the kind of hug I want to give her.

It makes me happy thinking of Aria. Horny, too, but that's probably best left unsaid. She makes me feel so many positive emotions, that I just sometimes can't help but well up with happy tears in my eyes.

It'll soon be Christmas. This'll be our first Christmas sending presents to one another. Gosh, I really hope that my parcel to her gets there and vice versa.

I'm sleepy now. Time to sleep. Goodnight, y'all.

Andrew =^.^=
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