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Black Rust

Black Rust

I have heard it said by them more than once: About the Devil being in the details and finding out first hand exactly what they mean. Going through strange days as strange times have come forth to hold sway over things, as I make my way and at times feel like I’m walking through a wasteland like a ghost in the machine, with there being times I have woken from nightmares with reality being worse than the dreams.

It’s a fine line as narrow as a razor’s edge that’s walked sometimes, and has me treading cautiously over that road over the abyss that looks down on madness, and has me seeing the patient queue waiting for the gallows with those waiting patiently saying prayers to the hallowed. In a place where only specters have pity and fear is the only thing that breaks the silence, as I keep both feet on the ground and try to keep all clear and focused all around me.

Knowing that I will get by and survive most of the time, and do all right as I got me one good friend like you and things will be fine. Following the road to wherever it unwinds and reading the signs, I might stumble upon though most times I seem to go unnoticed as if I am part of the machinery. As I watch, Illusion casts her net and Liberty pirouettes when I have thoughts of being free. And find myself feeling as if I have been watched by empty silhouettes as I pass by, and I can at times feel them burning their eyes as they go by me unrecognized and being sometimes by design. Asking those I see not to get up as I am only passing through and avoid the vacuum that’s in their eyes. And maybe one day I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant.

Some people don’t live or die they just float with life being their pantomime, as I head out through the backstreets looking for the truth that can at times be unkind. Hunting for a possible vision too, that might light up the darkness like a flash from a neon sign, or somehow run across you as I make that search finding that you’ve been looking for the same things.

Asking you as I offer my hand if you’ll join me on this quest and look for all as one, with both of us side by side as we ask each other how do we feel?

As you tell one thing, I have always known and that is love is no crime. While we follow that single flame to that single point we are both looking for, and carrying in us those single faiths and beliefs we have always shared together. Pausing and asking you if you realize that you have the most beautiful face and eyes? Something that has always been denied by you and it always shines out from deep within you, like the dark light of the sun it radiates out.

Things might have been better when we were younger, and there is no real reason to grieve cause that time has passed with now being gone too. Just look at what we both have and that is us and all that we really need as time passes, as all has matched up with you and you know I will fight the confusion that gets too thick. With you being in and on my mind most of the time.

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