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Black Tulip 2: A Mandala in the Clouds

Black Tulip 2: A Mandala in the Clouds

Sun down, yellow moon rising as night spreads it’s cloak across the skies and some nights find you tossing and turning, not unlike a ship underway in rough seas. And as you lie there waiting for sleep to take you across the blue hills at the border of the dreaming, and then to those great dark gates made of horn and iron that stand as the entrance to the realm within and are guarded by a gryphon and a wyvern,- And as you lie there you hope that the night won’t stretch out like a long double edged blade which usually has the demons come forth in most cases, which sometimes has you breathe the name of your savior. And these are the times you can feel your heart beating at a frantic rate and your mind feels a rush of anguish from stress that is caused by; implication(s), insinuation(s), and ill will. Until you can’t lie still from that turmoil that tries to control you.

As you lay there feeling these thoughts along with fickle words finding their way in and replaying themselves along with the actions of the day that has just ended, and try as you might to get away from them, they manage to shadow you. These are the times that you dread for it seems as though you can almost feel the earth move and tremble deep beneath your feet,-
And it seems that those words and thoughts try to take you to a place where worlds and concepts collide, which has you at times recall that you once trusted your life to providence, and trusted your soul to grace. Making you feel that your eyes are full of both simulated sunsets and starlight. As you feel that you are walking in the wasteland(s), with the ghost in the machine.

So hold your breath and count to ten, and ask Morpheus to guard you in the darkness and on the pathway between the waking hours and that he might protect you in dreams. As you allow golden slumbers to fill your eyes and allowing them to close. To feel yourself carried across the blue hills at the borders, past the gryphon and wyvern and through those great dark gates of horn and iron into the dreaming,-
Where your dreams can then flow from within you like waves of sweet fire to carry you safely within them. Turning you away from the turmoil of those fickle words and thoughts along with the sounds of that false clock that tries to distract you by trying to tick out your time, and will carry you over to a new day.

So sleep and do not cry as you stand upon a ridge in the dreaming at the turning of twilight as you see the skies overhead are full of holes bordered with gold. Where you can see those stars through those holes of ink slowly turning from cherry red to blue,-
Causing you to know that you are now within a world in a world and is also between the things in the world, and in your hand you alone hold the key to this world and is a place where the Tao can be changed and logic need not apply. Here in your own personal world or dreamscape here in the realm of Morpheus the dream lord.

As you stand on this ridge you see a lone lighthouse standing like a lone sentinel, and find yourself staring at the sea beyond and the islands in the stream there with tranquility. Along with those rivers of blindness heading to the sea near that whirlpool of lies,-
Turning you can see that winding road lined with pine trees that leads to those rivers of sight flowing into the mangroves near the base of that lighthouse at the edge of the sea. Smelling salt from the sea as well as the smells of peppermint and incense which here are the colours of time. And you alone hold the key to your own personal world here and it feels as if you are holding the wind in your hand.

So sleep and perchance to dream with those golden slumbers in your eyes. Allowing you to smile when you arise at the break of the new day.

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