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Flamingoes, Music and Silly Stuff

That feeling you get, it’s inexplicable. I’m gonna try and explic it. I laughed out loud at that. Why, if something is not explainable, do we say it’s inexplicable and then when we go to explain it, we’re explaining it, not explicing it? Seems odd to me.

I digress though. I do that all the time. I’m silly with my digressions. I think I think too much... You think? I’m listening to Nirvana unplugged right now. Happy, I am. I’ve forgotten the feeling I was gonna discuss here. Bugger it. Who cares, anyway? Probably love or some such.

Now I’m listening to Metallica. Drinking wine. Happy and excited. Hells yeah, I’m excited. That’s something I always am on the days when I’m about to talk to someone. I’m not telling you who, I’m sure if you’ve read my other pieces, you’ll have guessed. Yeah, she makes me feel like a wee teenager again. That ain’t no mean feat. It’s freaking amazing, actually.

Yeah, I feel you too,
You wanna feel me in you?
I want that too.
Wish wish wishful thinking,
It makes things come true.
Of that, I’m sure as a shoe.

Yeah, yeah, random crappy poem thing. I started writing this on Saturday. It’s Thursday now. I started writing because I had something to say, now I don’t. Actually, it’s technically Friday, but I’m not going to count it as Friday until I go to sleep and wake up again. So, a week later, I’m picking this back up. I’ve no idea what I’m going to write about, but somehow I’ll come up with something.

Last night, I was sat (I’m saying that, I don’t care what you say. *sticks tongue out cheekily*) drinking tea, as I do, and I had a thought: This tea tastes pretty damned minging, but it also tastes faintly of wheat. Then I thought: Wheat tea?

Well, it took me until today to look it up and see if such a thing existed. It does. It’s a Japanese creation. Funny, I quite like Japanese things, even before I realise they’re Japanese. I’m gonna try some of the recipes that I found. Might as well, I’m game for everything.

I was annoyed with myself in that last paragraph. See every time I write “Japanese”, I have to slow down and think about it because I want to spell it “Japanses”. I know, I’m off my chump.

Current music is Storm by Vanessa Mae. Dog is looking stupid, as he does. I’m writing this (well, freaking duh, Andrew, sometimes you state the obvious!). The instrumental I’m listening to has a bit in it that makes me want to play Sonic 2. There’s this level, Mystic Cave Zone, and just one tiny part of Storm reminds me of the music in it. I love how music can do that. I’ve now moved on to [I] Can, Can [You], also by Vanessa Mae. I’ve always enjoyed her interpretations of classical classics. Toccata is next on my list and then from there, who knows? I know I need to get some more work done on my Random Moment series. The next part is in the pipelines. Just wait, I have no idea where it’s going, or how long it’ll go on for, but I’m enjoying writing it and then reading it back and enjoying it both as a reader and a writer.

Toccata time now. Just watch me smile. You would if you could, but you can’t, so you won’t, right? No, left! Huh? Pink! Yeah, those freaking flamingoes. They just wanna take over. I’m serious.

One day there was this flamingo and he started a gang. This flamingo is different from the rest. He’s charming and powerful. He’s always been like this. Nobody knows his name, but everyone just calls him Jimmy. Not menacing sounding, I know, but that’s it. He doesn’t look menacing. In fact, he’s very attractive, you know, as flamingoes go. He has real pull over everyone who dares enter his territory.

The gang he started is no ordinary gang. They do everything he tells them to. Everything. As absurd as it is to think, this is the Flamingo Mafia I’m talking about. I just hope he never sees this. I’ve been told he’s quite a fan of my writing, so maybe he’ll let me go with just a few broken fingers.

Funny thing is, he isn’t really a violent flamingo. He has heavies, all of whom you can spot from a mile away by their attire. They’re always caked in the best of the best mud. Don’t let this look fool you: Those guys are dangerous and could take you out with just a raise of their wing. Everyone knows they are carrying, and I don’t just mean guns and knives. Those savages that Jimmy has working for him are diseased. He just needs to say the word and they’ll make anyone rabid.

One guy, Antoine, a really attractive flamingo, a favourite among his friends, decided to try and take on Jimmy. That was the worst mistake he ever made. He planned this really elaborate heist - he was going to steal all of Jimmy’s gold and take over from him. Jimmy caught wind of this and sent his most vicious eagle to take care of him. Now, this eagle hadn’t been fed in about two weeks, so he was overdue for a good meal. Antoine was such a lovely specimen. Really buff and quite meaty. He didn’t even see or hear Novo coming and was caught completely unaware. Novo came and swooped him up, grabbing him by the head, but not killing him. The badass eagle took Antoine back to his nest and devoured him. He didn’t stop there though. He laid his bones out and put a sign next to them reading: Just another reminder not to mess with Jimmy.

Jimmy was very happy with Novo for doing that. He went the extra mile and became his right hand man, or eagle, in this case. Together they continue to rule over their wee stretch of land and water. If you ever decide to go to Screw Peak, just beware. They’ve really extended their stranglehold over the region and intend to take over much more, even right along to Driver Valley. That’s something he could do and it’s a scary thought, too. That is a distance of three hundred miles. I have it on good authority that he’s trying to take over the whole world, so if you see a flamingo, stay away from it. They are sizing you up and they are trying to take over, don’t fool yourselves. They may be cute, but they are vicious and have a lot of influence.

So, that’s why I don’t like flamingoes. They scare me because they are trying to take over. Little pink thing, abominations!

Current music is One More Cup of Coffee by The White Stripes. I was drinking coffee yesterday. I’m a bit of a weirdo. I don’t drink coffee normally, but I will if it’s offered to me. I’m still a tea lover though.

I’m tired, so I guess I should end this weird rambling. I don’t know how to end it though. I want to end it with something cool, but I’ll probably end it here.

I wanted to end on a poem,
But it looks like this isn’t going to be much of a one
That’s far too long a line, isn’t it?
This isn’t really a poem, just some sort of thought,
Set out like a poem,
But I’ll let you be the judge...
Is it a poem, just because it’s set out like one?

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