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Tea Stories


Angel High Tea

Till the horn blows

as we mortals wakelucky someunlucky some tooAngels abovewatching downboiling waterteapot singingAngels gathersipping tealaughing as Angels cantill the horn blowswhite wings flexAngels circleon guardas only they canas we mortals wake    


One unfortunate tale of a typical fly. Poor bugger.

I wonder why, oh why,Does that fly buzz about in my eye?Is it stupid? Why my eye?Are you looking to be killed,Splatted, maimed in cold blood?Do you see that spider? Hanging around, upon its web,Beautifully spun, made from silk,He’s hungry you know!Go on,...

Another Tea Musing

Yeah, I love tea

I finally got my Lapsang Souchong today. After weeks of either not having the money, or just plain forgetting, I finally remembered. I can’t remember what triggered my remembering, but I’m glad I did. It is one of my favourite teas, definitely up there wi...

Irish Grey

before the birds and tree rats wake

Irish Grey SweaterHot Tea and Kentucky Fried Chickenspring just won't come to the plains this yearnorth blown winds from Canadabefore the birds and tree rats wakeI lay in my warm bed and ponderwinter coat or my favorite Irish Greyheavy starch pinpoint shi...

I had new tea tonight. Vanilla Chai to be exact. It’s an art form, getting that stuff just right. So far I’ve not mastered it, but I will. I love the challenge of getting new tea and having to learn how to brew it for the perfect taste.Non tea drinkers mi...

Trio of Poems

Three of my favourite beverages get the Kitty poem treatment.

A trio of poems about my favourite drinks, first Tea:A cup of tea,is a labour of love,boil the kettle,warm the pot...A spoonful of leaves,One for each personand another for the pot,it really requires very little thought,but a lot of love.Infuse infuse, fo...

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Magical Tea

Vanilla tea really helps me to sleep...

Vanilla tea, down the throat, warm in the belly, helping me cope...Lay in my bed, closing my eyes, dream a sweet dream about you and I...I'm in your arms, safe and sound, too bad when I wake up you aren't around.

How To Make a Cup of Tea

The perfect cup of tea is a labour of love

How to make a cup of teaThere are two possible methods for doing this: first there is the kettle and tea bag method - my preferred method because I’m lazy, or the teapot and tea leaves method - I tend to only do this if I’ve got company or I just feel lik...


may I brew you some

Teatea in the morningtea in the afternoontea before you turn inshall I brew us somechai for you my indian princessearl grey for mea tasty biscuit tooginger meets so well with chailemon and earl greymay Ishall Ibrew us some tea