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Reflection on True Friendship

The other day an old friend gave me some good advice concerning friendship, which is a thing that isn't always given, but is earned like respect is, and is a law I hold sacred. He said to leave my fears behind me, for the first steps taken in our endeavors become the longest strides with no looking back. With there always being the chance that this could be my last day-

In the time of my confession, in those hours of my deepest need, there's a voice within me reaching out from somewhere, and it tolls the danger zones and the morals of despair. All alone it seems I face each approaching day. And it has me looking for hope, as well as a place I can be safe once again, as I behold this chain of events that I must break with everything being foreign to my eyes.

Each day I am given is a gift to be used like the right of free will that we were all given, and not an absolute right that each day we think of being always granted. There are times when I think I can hear the fall of ancient footsteps like the motion of the sea. Causing me to turn sometimes and most times it’s only me standing there, making me feel as if I am hanging in the balance, while other times there’s someone there. Having me wondering what is this thing we all call a self-

Down the alleyways and in the side streets restless people wander in a world that is both hot and cold, seeming to be following a beat that only they can hear. And destinations always seem to be just out of reach, or too far away. With mysteries at times being our saving grace and we can see what’s beyond the fear inside and know that it all belongs to eternity as we search for the life we may never know. While the days turn to night.

Traveling through darkness to come out into the light once again, holding onto secrets that are beyond and are somehow in everything. I am free to walk this earth, and when darkness falls I am still moving on though it might look as if I am standing still, or just chasing daylight. Running in circles or having the coin tossed coming up tails, but then again nobody said that it would be easy-

I have been guessing at numbers and figures that seem to form the puzzle, as questions of silence echo loudly unanswered. With there being strength in letting go of those demons who hide in the wounds we carry and at times can be seen when looking into the mirror there on the shelf.

There are times that dreams are had and thoughts of the Golden Gates being able to wait where the dust is brought back to life, as the rivers ebb and flow. Having me recall when I stood and drained a cup near those rivers of blindness, knowing that something unclear is happening, with what seems to be battle lines being drawn. Still I am told to beware and I am catching resistance from all fronts, with nobody being wrong if all their thoughts are right-

Boxing up all the yesterdays I had and making my way down the line knowing that though I have only one true friend here instead of all being just mere acquaintances. But if I follow my old friend’s advice I know that I have one good friend along with those others miles away and as Dylan said, that’s all I’ll need and so I guess I’m doing fine, as I wander through life making my way on down the line, with imperfect schemes and thoughts through the haze. Never letting go of faith and those people and things I believe in. Though they might want those things changed. For I said once I would never give in until my heart gives in, forcing me to finally end it all, and the silent questions, will never speak as loud as my heart.

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