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Reflection Stories


I have broken myself down into my most basic parts. That which makes me up, that which tears me down. Solid and headstrong, for only I, know what's right. Prone to such weakness and indulgence even so,   For I want more than to survive.   To one end of na...


Reaping the harvest was no easy task, but hard work was always rewarding, and today was a special day! The people sang new songs and were full of joy! They bundled the grain and lifted it high as they carried it back to the store houses. They laughed and...


Learn to enjoy the life you lead

      Chaos strikes without a warningDecisions made were silently stormingLost house, car, and job in a single morning So I cast my bootstraps on without gleeTime to prove I'm still alive, still meDiscovering myself on a rebuilding spree And this is the h...

I want to fan you with the flames of my remembrance. Contemplation so holy the cosmos reel from the morning mother star to the volcanic sky father where wonder and grace manifest.  Sacred and divine, intrinsic and elemental; provocation, dismay, outrage,...


Lightning Bugs

Love should be more than a flash in the dark.

Like Fire Flies dancing in the night, Desperate lovers flit about,  finding each other in random glory.    Two become one, merging their luminescence Into a brilliant flash of radiant bliss,  Bravo, to them I say,  filled with joy that they've found their...


If I had wings...

The melancholy beauty of the fall

The olives and the ochres of withered blades,Of conkers and hazel all through the gladeDark evenings, too soon the clock going back,Squirrels secreting their nutty snacksA ring of fairies dancing on the lawn,Appearing in the early dawn  The cool breeze br...

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Do You See Me?

Do you see who I really am?

What do you see When you glance my way Do you see the woman I was? Or the one who stands before you today? The frightened one Who was always so unsureIf what she was doing Would work out in the future Or maybe the strong one Who has survived everything Th...