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I Watched Frozen Tonight

"I rather enjoyed Frozen."
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Published 7 years ago
So, I watched Disney’s Frozen tonight. I loved it and now I want to read the fairy tale on which it was based. Normally, I shy away from adaptations because I think “well, write your own bloody story!” But this one was great. Singing and dancing and cute cartoon females, what could go wrong? Nothing at all. A few times I nearly cried.

Of course, my emotions have been a little wonky lately. I’m not saying why, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m okay now. I feel badly for doing something earlier today. I don’t really have any excuses, but when my emotions are fucked up, I tend to say things that aren’t in my normal, happy character. I’m sorry.

I don’t apologise much, but this calls for an apology.

I’m not afraid of showing my emotions any more. That’s largely Aria’s influence. Again, not really saying why or how, but she taught me that emotions were okay. She re-taught me, I should say. I shut my emotions off a long time ago. I used to cry over silly things and one day, I just got sick of it, pushed my emotions out of my head and carried on. It made me happy, to a point, but also made me empty.

I need the emotions, good and bad, to keep me sane. I think it’s a weird thing. I need to be kept sane... By going insane. Y’okay!

Anyway, enough soppiness, I know when to shut up about crap. So, here I am.

Music, loud.
Wine, port.
Internet, whatever.
Writing, happy.

If that’s a poem, I’m the rancid arse of a rancid arsed snot monster!

See that one line paragraph there? Ooh, isn’t it just so sexy? Mmm, yummy! You can call me crazy, but I love the way language looks on the page. The way it feels coming from my fingers. I wrote a letter earlier in the week. Handwritten and everything, it was. Though I don’t like writing by hand, I enjoyed it. I’m not telling you anything about the contents because the recipient hasn’t got it yet, but I did enjoy writing it, not just because of the contents, but because of the physical aspect of the writing.

Laura Lee was totally correct. She told me that physical writing is very cathartic. Of course, I knew this, but I’ve always shied away from it. My handwriting has actually been described as hieroglyphs. Many a teacher said the same thing. Rather than trying to help me, they just scolded me for it.

“Andrew!” They’d say, “your handwriting is atrocious! Improve, or else!”

Fucking “or else”, what? I saw the digital age evolve right before my eyes. For some of you, that’ll be difficult to imagine. You’ve always had technology, so to see old stuff, is probably something you don’t understand or want to understand. My point here, is that if I need something to be legible, I’ll do it digitally. In this age, we just open a word document, we can do so on our phone, if need be, and type.

Apps are getting more and more integrated and you can use the same ones from PC/laptop to phone and back again. I like that, but it takes a little bit of the personality out of it. When was the last time you got a handwritten receipt? When was the last time you used a card index? Do young people even know what a card index is?

I’m only thirty... Fuck, no, I’m not. I’m twenty nine. It doesn’t matter. I’ve seen so many innovations in my very short lifespan and technology hasn’t stopped evolving. 1984, anyone? George Orwell, if you didn’t know. You’d have to be a total idiot to not know. Grr, I digressed, again. My point is that... I’ve forgotten my point. I’m tipsy, gimmie a break! Oh, yeah, I sound like an old geezer! That’s my point.

I’m banging on about technology and all that jazz, but I do truly remember technology before the internet. Oh, yes, I grew up in the real world. All hard and sore and having to do things the long way around. It fucking sucked, but made me the person I am today.

Here, do you have any idea what this musing is about? Technology, Frozen, Aria (oh, gosh, do I love her!), me being like an old geezer.

Okay, so I have a challenge for you. If you read this thing all the way through to the end, I want you to write the word “comment”, at the end of your comment.

Y’okay, this shite is over. Bye.

Andrew =^.^=

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