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AnnaMayZing 3 years ago


Her fingers hurt with cold...

She clawed at the ice but it was no good, she couldn't get a grip. Her fingers hurt with cold, the flesh already turning white at the tips.Suddenly, a piece broke away, and she fell backward!Taking a deep breath, she got to her knees and...

I know you are hurt. That you think you are ice. A thousand walls put up, Soldiers guarding every small cracks, Ready to defend the Enemy of memory, of what use to be, of new, possible love. I know you think you are...

EvaJupiterSkies 7 years ago

Delicate and Bitter

Be warned of the quiet of winter my child, for it enraptures the soul like none other.

If you were quiet enough, you might hear the heartbeat of each flake as it hits its sea of brethren. You could be so light of foot that you might sense the shiver of the snow itself, nestling into the crevasses and nooks of every tree and root. So...