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Kýrie Eléison

"This is my Final Posting for an undetermined period of time."

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Having been asked at times if I know where I am going to and if I have liked what life has had to show and offer to me? There have been no open doors when I looked behind and instead stood tall for when they called me out. Quite a few dreams have slipped away and never had any answers to those questions that were posed to me, and if I did answer then in some cases it seemed like something sad was said, and taken by them to be that way.

Just wanting to be free to roam, like some kind of a wanderin’ ghost and not becoming mad as a hatter, when out there on the back roads, or just heading down the line. Still I am keeping hope for tomorrow, and sometimes wonder why. So I’ll grab all I can and hope I am still given life to continue on down the line. And being able to feel the Earth moving slowly beneath my feet, and having seemed to have dreamed these moments, and still I am standing tall and turning myself into the storm that’s coming.

I feel like there are a thousand miles and poles apart from most when things feel as if they are starting to crumble back into the dust from whence it came. And where ever you go I seem to go and all you see is seen through my eyes. And though the days may be dark, especially when the darkness falls at noon, and eclipses both the sun’s dark light, and the silver light of the moon, when the lamp of laughter flickers and dies and can be seen as a reflection in a silver spoon. And you know as well as I do that behind every thing of beauty lies some sort of pain.

And we both know the other side of the coin too; about life being more or less a lie, but then again it’s the way most want it to be. So I will just keep on moving through the dark after midnight, past those broken, and tumbled down farms and shacks. Both of us have been down for so long and the time is drawing near to have us both stand tall, when the others bolt and run. And we need to keep calm and continue to keep on keepin’ on, for we know time is short and all that is believed is easy to see, and the silent shadow wars have begun.

Needing you here at my side, standing here on solid ground as we feel like we are staring down a loaded gun, with the future being unclear and hearing the beating of your heart. Some things will never change along with things never said being better off left alone. Seeing the flames burning in your eyes and lookin’ like jungles burning bright, and you know I will do whatever I can and never change my mind.

And now hearing the thunder coming crashin’ down and the sound turning into bells that are ringing and tolling for; the rebel, the luckless, and abandoned, and for the outcast(s), that they always are burnin’ at the stake. And though we might feel the shadows on us now, feeling like we are being struck across the face loud enough to be tasted, trying to drive the choices from our heads. In the form of the bells of the lightning which is also unraveling tales of all the taken for granted situations, as we duck into a doorway to wait out the storm’s fury. As we stood there watching and listening to the bells of those majestic bolts flashing in the shadows.

And when we finally head out passing those painted and plastic faces, as we stay focused and carrying all we know and following either the tracks or those back roads. We will handle whatever we stumble across, and still be able to read the signs on our way through this vicious cabaret. There will be those we will be wishing a fond adieu, but for most we will just say fare thee well and not give a damn. For our boots are now pointed away, and there is where we will head following the line down to wherever it leads. And to those we have lost and lie in the Earth, we will simply say either Kýrie Eléison, or Christe Eléison ** , and try not to look back.

* Kýrie Eléison: invocation (in Greek or in translation), used in The Roman Catholic Mass meaning Lord, have mercy.

** Christe Eléison: invocation(in Greek or in translation), used in The Roman Catholic Mass meaning Christ, have mercy.

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Written by Shotgun011
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