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Long Distances Bond

Long Distances Bond

Together Our Bond Grows

Here I am, and there you are. I can see you and hear you. However that is all, because you are so far from me. What is in our way is endless miles of land and water. We met here on the computer, through a filthy site. Though at first it was friendship, things were clear what was between us so soon thereafter.

We grew a bond, a swirl of love and play, it bloomed. Endless hours together, wishing nothing more than to be together. I lie awake at night, thinking to myself. What would it be like, if you were here in bed with me? Can you imagine all the fun we’d get into, if you were here in bed with me?

I catch myself looking at you, and wonder how much I want to touch you. You know me, always saying, “Damn, I want to kiss you”. Well, just so you know, you've got sexy lips! You smile and blush, making me love you more. You can’t take a compliment to save your life.

Oh, and you know when you sing our song, you know the one. Well, it makes me weak in the knees and my heart flutter real fast. I love the words that flow from your lips, whispering into lyrics turning into our song. I can’t wait until you’re here, in bed with me, entangled bodies, whispering that song to me.

We talk of the future; we are so certain of what we want, even though, deep down, we’re both scared out of our wits. How can something so good and exciting be so scary? You feel it too, don’t you? I know you do, because this can’t just scare me. Admit it for me please; let it put me at a little ease. I knew it! You do. We won’t let it get to us though; we’ll fight together, won’t we?

You and me against the world, that’s how I see my life from here on out. Silly, right? A blissful five months, and I know so much more is to come. I’m ready to take it on, I’m excitedly happy! It’s just three or so months, until you’re here. You feel that too? When I said it, did it make you want to cheer? It does for me every time I think about it.

Here we are, on Skype again. I watch you, you watch me. We fill each other will promises to come. It allows us something to look forward too. I can’t look away, my eyes full of joy, love and need for you. The things you do to me should be illegal. Believe me though, if they were, I’d still want them! Yes, naughty girl I am, but you love me all the more.

You ‘sat’ there, me sitting here; will it ever be us sitting together? Yeah, I do believe we will have that. I’m just ready for it now. You know how I am. I plan to enjoy every minute I can with you, even if you’re sat there, and me sitting here, until we’re together.

Do you know why? Because I love you, you silly little Git!

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