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3 years ago

Are they There

My fingers are numb

And after we're gone who'll remember to care Despair waiting there for the loss all will bear For the loss  For the loss They show love and despair We will never return But remember to care Knowing despair that is already there When the chill sets in will...

I prayed to the heavens and God above and asked Him to send me someone to love; I prayed for someone with love to share; a man not afraid to honestly care;I prayed for someone to love faithfully,for our time on earth and infinitely;I placed my dreams with...

5 years ago


the sound of silence...

The silence of your voice is deafening Its absence deeply felt is extreme Your thoughts are a jumbled mess I cannot decipher what you mean The haunted look within your eyes Fills me with a profound ache Your body shaking and the copious tears Are often mo...

When I am down You Always make me smile When I am scared of storms You stay with me When I am not hungry You ask me to eat with you You tell me I should sleep more My health is important  When I cry You understand You know my dreams and fears And you shar...

6 years ago


i will take your cares away

I approach you slowly, Laid out on the bed,All your skin exposed,And curls upon your head.I admire every line,The smile on your face,The firm muscles below skin,Awaiting my finger's trace.My heart filled with joy,Before the first caress,I think of all our...

7 years ago

I'll lend an ear

I'll lend an ear

Bad day Nothing went right Problem after problem with no solution You have come to a conclusion You know tomorrow’s another day Until then I’ll lend an ear, I’ll lend an ear Bad week Everything went wrong So much stress You just want to rest You know next...

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7 years ago

Somehow, Someday

Hearts Desire

Somehow, someday I remember the day we met, Your words came across the page, Filled with promises, Of somehow, someday You spoke such eloquent and caring words They touched my heart Filled with promises Of somehow, someday You were my knight, And then bec...

So much potential I see inside you I wish that you saw you The way that I do You think you’re a bad ass But really you’re not The man that I see You’ve simply forgot You hide in plain sight From the world that you fear And rarely let others Get very near...

7 years ago


Love, caring, unselfishness

It is vaster than the open plainsIt is higher than the mountain peaksIt is deeper than the oceansIt is warmer than the sun.It is stronger than a mighty bullIt is softer than a kittenIt is tender as a child's embraceIt gives on quarterIt lifts you when you...

8 years ago

My Hand

Take my hand.

Here is my hand. Take it in yours. Put it to your face Against your cheek. Brush it with your lips. Caress it with your hair. Put it to your chest. Allow it to feel your heart beat. Let it feel your love. Hold it by your side. OR Take my hand. Twist it. S...

8 years ago


Just because I feel the need

I don’t know where this story came from, I saw something and it upset me a bit that’s all I can say. I don’t have the power to influence or to tell people what to think, your minds are your own. I write this because I struggle and because I feel the need...

8 years ago

Ultimate Expression

This is the ultimate expression one person can give to another.

We stand facing each other, looking into each other's eyes. Our lips softly touch in a tender loving kiss. My arms go around her pulling her against me. Her arms go around my waist and her head rests gently on my chest listening to my heart beating for he...

8 years ago

Mountain of dreams

For d.c., whose wisdom and strength and caring I cannot do without.

Lost and alone Held prisoner by the fears in my own mind No escape could I find I wandered searching for answers but none could be found I was about to shut down Then salvation came to me in a rich melody I stood and looked at a mountain that seemed so hi...