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This isn't a story, it's a mewsing *mew*

My laptop screen is too bright, but I can’t be bothered turning it down. I’ll just live with it. I decided to get some food to quell my hunger but all that did was make me even more hungry and thirsty. I have a notification on Facebook, which has turned out to be crap and I’m currently drawing level with my opponent in Tekken 3. Whoopee.

My writing endeavours all turn out to be crap, which is fzarking annoying. Yeah, I used “fzarking” as an analog to the F-bomb. Whatever, y’all don’t really mind me being profane, do ya? Mew Lzzy Hale is cool, she can actually sing like she does on record when she’s singing live. Does that make sense? I just wonder why she spells her name “Lzzy”.

Hey, shoosh, I feeling like mewing. Mews*. Yup, that’s good. Ah, well, random thoughts, thinking around my head. This is not a story, it’s a mewsing! *Mew*. I use far too many commas, I’m, trying, not, to, but, I’m, addicted, to, them. Okay, that was excessive use to prove the point, like hyperbole, or something. Yeah, call me weird, go on. I don’t mind, no really I don’t!

I’m gonna get Freida out and give her a damned good playing. I might even get my slide out and play with that. That isn’t a euphemism, you know. Y’all ain’t as filthy minded as me, I know, but I had to point out the lack of euphemism there.

I love Freida. She’s an Epiphone (stop me if I’ve said this before) SG Pierced and sounds really filthy when she’s played with distortion. Played clean, she sounds... Well, clean, obviously. I want another guitar, but I don’t wanna betray Freida. I know, it sounds odd. Allegiance to a guitar? What a silly Kitty I am! What I really want is an acoustic bass guitar. I’m nowhere near good enough to merit buying one, but I’d be a very happy Kitty if I had one. I’m not sure I could give it the justice it deserves, but I’d enjoy playing it to the best of my ability, so that’s all I really can do, isn’t it? *Mew

I just visited one of my favourite websites and laughed my arse off. Okay, not literally, that would be horrific. There are a lot of phrases that are horrific, taken literally. Pissing myself laughing is another one. Eat shit and die, that’s pretty horrific as well. Just best not to take the English language too seriously, you know?

So, I was writing this to fill some time. There’s only so much forum banging one can do before it gets boring. Eventually time was filled and I was once again talking over Skype with a very good friend. This young lady is gorgeous and a talented writer and has such a lovely voice, especially when she’s mewing and I really love her giggle. She’s just simply a lovable lady. Yes, I love her, yes I’ve told her. Actually, last night I said “I fucking love you” and that, my friends, was significant.

Let me explain the significance. You see, when I preface anything with the word “fucking” it is usually a feelings thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I tell someone I love them, I mean it. But, if I tell them I fucking love them, well, that’s different. It doesn’t mean that any one is more or less true, or even true in a different way, but prefacing something with the word “fucking” just makes it stand out more, it sort of punctuates it, if that makes sense. I’m not really being clear, am I? Let’s just put it this way: I love Kitten a lot, hence I fucking love her. I’ve only said that to selected others and it’s true.

I woke up this morning and went back to sleep. I was tired, so I slept until about 1:30 PM. I missed a text from someone, which sucks because I enjoy our early morning texversations. It’s a nice way to start the day and usually I am up, or at least awake, about half an hour before she texts because that’s generally when I naturally wake up. Sure, sometimes I go back to sleep, but I’m a lazy swine. Or Kitty. Yeah, I’m a lazy Kitty. Mew*. She’s another one that I fucking love.

I went out this afternoon and had sushi. I couldn’t help mewing afterwards and I walked around with a massive smile on my face. Yes, I am a happy Kitty after sushi. I washed it down with V8 vegetable juice, which is a misnomer and quite possibly false advertising. You see, it is primarily tomato juice, which any fool knows is a fruit. It has seven vegetables in it, so it really should be called V7, or F1V7. Maybe it’s just me being a pedant. Anyway, after eating my raw fish and drinking my mislabelled juice, I was feeling rather sleepy. Unfortunately, I had to get home, so I trudged in my half asleep state the long way home, to avoid the short way and thus school kids. School kids who always shout obscenities and threats at me and I really can’t be bothered with that, so the long way suits me best. Also, I’m quitting smoking, so the exercise will help with that. It’s only another mile extra, after all. It does mean that I burn through a lot of shoes. I’m not a happy Kitty at that. *Grumpy mew*.

I want some music just now, so I’m gonna fire on something. Don’t know that, I’ll just do a random thing. Sounds like Lady Gaga. Good choice for writing a mewsing. *Mew*. I think I’m just about finished here, though. I fancy Lady Gaga.

I’ve been smoke free, at the time of writing this, for six days now. I can breathe better, but my sinuses are still fucked up. Perhaps the doctor can help when he shoves his scope up my nose. Whoo, I’m so looking forward to that! Sort of. It’ll be worth the discomfort. I hope. Well, I think this mewsing has taken its course. Did you enjoy it? *Mew*, I enjoyed writing it, in all its silly glory. One final thing: The moon is shining into my bedroom and I’ll not get to sleep because of her. Not fair, but at least I might get something else written and some chattage to Kitten done, too.

Kittylove =^.^=
Andrew .
stay sweet, friends. (Also, I hope when this is posted, the Kitty symbol, used after my name and my asterisks as well, all stay formatted the same.)
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