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Middle Men

"What is the meaning of life"
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We walk the path of life,

With death waiting at the finish line.

The beginning and end are the same,

What matters is the middle.

Tis the path of the middle men…


What if life and death made transactions,

And we were nothing more than the middle men.

Our plans, our dreams, our future,

Doesn’t really matter once the transaction expires.


Like the famous expression, #YOLO.

You Only Live Once.

So I wonder, is there really life after death?

Or a transaction after the transaction?


What if the people we meet, are only side deals of the main transaction?

What happens to true love then?

And where does religion fit in all this?

The president, the law and rules, all part of the guidelines of the main transaction.


How then, can one have a happy life or a happy transaction?

Does it really depend on us, or on our makers, Life and death?

Can we really control our fate?

Or do we just get our cut of the deal and leave?


I woke up today and realised I am a middle man.

I am not sure how much time I have left until the deal is done.

But I intend on making this transaction more complex by making as many side deals as I can.

I can’t reverse time, but I’m hoping this deal bounces back and leaves me with more time.

“Time is Money”, I finally get that line.

As I try to figure out the meaning of life and the role of the middle man,

I would like wish you the reader a happy transaction.


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