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Milagros Coldiron

Milagros Coldiron

My whole life seems to have been just waiting for the right time feeling so lost but what can I do? Having had nowhere to run to, and nothing to really hold on to, and having come so close to giving it all up. But, then again my heart won’t let me give in no matter what the situation, and you might call me stupid for doing things that way. I have got no reason yet to die and some have already dug my grave and standing by to say a requiem over me, as though I don't need this life.

I might be like some kind of a wanderin’ ghost knowing that it’s just people’s games that I got to dodge, and I have seen all the pretty people disappear like smoke, just like friends that arrive, and then they simply disappear. And if anyone wants me I’ll be here, as most of my life I've felt this way, and have tried to say how I feel; but there are times I don’t know how to feel, and could never seem to find the words to say. Life is known to be sad as well as a bust, with all of us just doing what we must, and to do it well while giving the others hell. For there are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke, or their pantomime, and after having gone through that in those complicated shadows this isn’t my fate, so let us not talk falsely in these hours that are growing late.

At times there’s too much confusion with me being unable to get any relief, but then again I came out of those complicated shadows changed and though they might have the power to bend iron and break steel, I came out looking unscathed. Having been pulled from the fire, and saying goodbye in the pouring rain, as if I am standing in the gallows waiting for the hangman to make his way up to the platform. I know that liberty softly laughs when I think I am free, and when fate casts its net she slowly pirouettes. With there having been many times I have bended into the wind and I can say that except when I was broken I ain’t never bowed.

Well, my road might be rocky and the stones from it might cut my face, and I might have drained a cup near those rivers of blindness, but I stayed away from those waterfalls of pity and especially away from that whirlpool of lies. As long as I got me one good friend then it seems I am doing just fine, because it seems no matter where this road takes me: Death I will survive. And I see a lot of people as I make the rounds, and sometimes I replay the past and know every scene by heart, they went by so fast. Though sometimes I seem to be just running in circles, and just chasing my own tail.

I once ran into a fortune teller who said I needed to beware of lightning that might strike, and though there are times when I haven’t known peace and quiet for so long I can’t remember what it’s like. As I look out and see the flames shooting through the smoke that’s pouring out of a boxcar door out on the siding. Reminding me that you always seem to hurt the ones you love best, and the ones you should never hurt at all, and then the truth seems to find itself covered up in lies.

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