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Night Core

Night Core

Feeling like I am standing here on the gallows with my head in the noose, and feeling like I am expecting all hell to break loose in any minute. And I know there are a million ways to laugh and every person has their own path. And rumor has it that most minds are open, but then the rumors heard fill them all up with lies closing those minds down. With nothing being everything, and everything really being nothing, and there are times I know for sure that both sides have lied and I used to care but things have changed.

Thinking that only a fool would stay here in this wrong town and try to prove he’s got anything, and I know there ain’t no shortcuts, with a lot of water and other things under the bridge. You can hurt someone and not even know it, and can make the next sixty seconds seem like an eternity, with all of the “truth” in the world just adding up to one big lie.

Not really knowing where I am going, or knowing what I need, as I ask those gentlemen not to get up as I am just passing through, and not too eager to make a mistake. With no one in front of me, and with there being nothing behind me, as I wonder if I should just stand out at the station for that last train out of here? Then again I’m getting real tired of some here in this place looking at me with what look like assassin’s eyes, as I gaze out at those sapphire tinted skies here in the turning of twilight.

Thinking as the shadows of moonlight fall I might be able to find a new place to be or to start again, and I might drink to the cutting of fences as I feel the old training kicking in and the sharpening of my senses. As I look again at the scars I carry and seem to have been deepened by the fireball heat of the sun’s dark light, as the time is beginning to crawl.

Been tired of running in my own heat, as it seems as though I have always been running without having my two feet on the floor, and there have been times I have pushed other’s patience, along with my luck where teardrops fall. I may not know where I am going, but I will get to where I'm gonna end up and that's alright by me. As I hear in the distance the sound of a fife being played lowly along with a drum being banged slowly, and has me thinking of what I was told once by a man in a long black coat; “There are no mistakes in life some people say, and it is true sometimes you can see it that way. But those people don't live or die, those people just float.” And then again instead of a drum being banged slowly someone might just be beating a dead horse.

Things seem to be getting so hard, and I wonder if I should just keep on trying and say to hell with my heart that won’t let me give up or give in. And I know if I can keep both feet on the floor then I will be able to follow the path and follow the road to where ever it unwinds and handle whatever I stumble across, and still keep in mind that I need to see and follow the signs, still be strong enough not to hate.
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