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Feeling at times as if I were on the run, and somewhere along the way the skies changed from blue to grey. Causing me to think back to those times and places that were left behind along with that West Texas skyline. Where lights shining up from the Mission Valley can be seen down below from Scenic Drive-

Thinking of some of the good people I left behind, and some of the good times that were had. Like meeting at an Oasis for a coffee rendezvous, and on occasion hearing Crosno back when he was on the air on the AM band. Where the dust from the Chihuahuan desert blows and the mist in the Franklin Mountains is turning to snow.

Dreaming at night that I’m back in El Paso hearing the comforting sound of the night train out in the distance where the border is. And then sitting out on the patio at La Hacienda with a cocktail in my hand overlooking the border near that West Texas skyline where it starts with the University and the old Globe Mills, near Sunset Heights. Thinking that I might have caught a glimpse of Elvis crossing the Rio Grande-

But I know that times have changed and has moved on as it always does. And like Dylan has said, friends will appear and then disappear like smoke, blowing in the wind, just like all things change in the blink of an eye.

Wondering if the way I feel is because of something I did in another life? And nothing seems to come out right though I try and try. It all feels like I have a case of bad karma that’s bent on killing me slowly by degrees. And I feel like I'm walking through the wastelands with the ghost in the machine knowing that the Devil’s in the details while shadows begin to fall in the noonday sun-

I have my memories, of my life, and they never seem to die just like the wind that blows in the thunder. And I've seen the world around me bend and flip and change as it all seems to move faster. Every day it seems as if nothing changes and I just keep on seeing the same old thing. Walking down the streets everyone waves and you might run across the occasional smiling face. But they'll stab you in the back or brand you as something you aren't as soon as you turn and walk away.

I've still got those scars the sun’s dark light didn't heal, and I see nothing to be gained by any explanation from them and there being really no words that need to be said about their petty gossipy lives, with their not caring if their words, labels, or branding wound, hurt, or maim. Like being struck hard by sound across my face nearly loud enough to be able to taste it as it attempts to knock the choices I have from my head-

I know that it is just a matter of time before I get a chance to shine, with it not being a question of when, or who does the time. Even if I have been tried and convicted for crimes and misdemeanors that have never been disclosed. Though according to some I may be standing on the gallows with a noose around my neck waiting for the hangman to come.

There is a rhythm and a rush going on these days, and the lights don't move and the colors don't seem to fade it all leaving me empty with nothing but dreams here in a world that’s become shallow and lean on things. With there being things a man cannot know, and in the morning watch sit and watch a new day rise, and do whatever just to stay alive-

Well the way I feel is the way I write and those worlds where my pen takes me, and it isn't like the thoughts of the man who lies. There is a truth I know and it's on my side, opening my eyes to those sapphire tinted skies, and looking into the dark light of the sun as the new day rises. Feeling my heart keeping time as I sit here writing it down, in case I forget because one day it will all be my story to you, and for the whole world to one day read. I've been hoping and praying for my time to arrive one day and then I can set down my pen and finally say it’s the end.

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