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Philosophy with a dash of God and Science

". . . a fevered attempt to reconcile God and the modern world."
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Published 6 years ago
I want, very much, for God and Science to reconcile. What I mean by this is that I want God to come off His holy highness and exist in a way that is congruent with the reality around us mortals. I want Science to quit being so dogmatic and narrow minded, and become conscious.

Like many other people, I’ve been through the religious meat-grinder that force feeds the one book, the One Truth, the One Way, and excretes mindlessness that just doesn’t fit into the modern world.

I am presently feeding myself through the meat-grinder of the secondary education system. It is nearly as dogmatic and irrelevant.

In the beginning, man tried to figure out where the source of his life came from, and looked up into the vast blue sky and saw the sun, and looked into the dark night sky and saw the stars. Much of religion and science come from years of mankind’s sky watching.

The instruments for this occupation of looking have gotten better, and left many of the old stories of religion behind. The instruments have replaced warm horses with cars, and the backyard chickens, sheep and cows with cold and moldy refrigerators. This coldness fosters boredom and a lack of meaning. Gazing at the sky is replaced by sitting here looking at my computer.

However, technology can’t replace God. TV religion goes largely unwatched because it’s canned and cold.

I think of myself as an agnostic who loves God and prays regularly. I know within my heart that there is a Good-Creator, Wise-Father Essence who meets me within the stillness of my heart. I love to meet with others who know Him, and to sing. I love to come to Him at the end of a long day, to tell Him everything. There are Christian elements to my God because I met Him in a Pentecostal church, but He isn’t the God of the bible. My God doesn’t need to threaten people with hell. He doesn’t need your money. He doesn’t hate gay guys. He’s just not that insecure. Recently, I’ve wandered into the Baha’i camp, because their God seems more reasonable, however, I don’t think God cares if I drink a beer ether. He’s not that petty or unreasonable.

I’m not saying I know God, because I don’t. I have guesses. I have feelings. Doesn’t anyone who listens?

There seems to be an Amazing Intelligence on earth. Man has always puffed up his chest and claimed this honor for himself, or for HIS GOD, but not your god. It is evident that this intelligence exists, but I don’t think it is us. We humans cannot grow ceramics at room temperature like snails and clams can. We cannot make Saran wrap out of dirt like a tomato covers itself with. We cannot convert sunlight into starch to burn later, our batteries just aren’t that advanced, but the slowest and least communicative creatures and plants that surround us can do all these things and more. Where did they get these technologies?

“These talents are programed into their genes by millions of years of evolution” says Science.

“I made the world in six days and they are my creation” says the Christian God.

Who made their genes? Whoever made the genes, this intelligence might be God. Why would an intelligent being make genes? Why wouldn’t they just inhabit the good earth themselves?

I loved reading The Cartoon Guide to Genetics by Larry Gonick when I was a teenager. I was trying to figure out if I really was my parent’s child or not. I was amazed by the complexity of a cell. There are so many organelles and golgi reticulum mitochondrial thingamabobs in a cell. Within the heart of a cell is a long string of double-helixed DNA. If you had a mind to, you could read chapters and chapters about the dance of the DNA. Even at this level, there is conscious intelligence at work. Smart little enzymes run up and down the RNA and DNA and read and snip and paste. We can’t read DNA. It’s too small. It doesn’t mean much to us. It’s just a bunch of meaningless adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine molecules that ramble on and on. How can these enzymes make sense of this code? How do they turn it into ravens and turtles, hydrangeas, and spirogyras?

To me, it is evident that the essence of God is in the details, literally.

“I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.” John 14:20 almost echoes the Buddhist belief that everything is One, but one what? Joseph Campbell once said that where there is energy, there is consciousness.

The elephant in the room is, if there is a being intelligent enough to create us, why doesn’t He communicate a little more clearly. Why don’t we see him walking around in his underwear, taking a nap, going for a stroll? Where is God?

They are small.

They do walk around in their underwear, and take naps and do all kinds of other things. They also work together as a team, amazingly well. They are intelligent, organized, and cover the earth with their life. They move atoms into DNA chains that can replicate into larger beings that they can use to terraform the macro levels of existence with. It would be like, if we could move planets and solar systems into a formation that would replicate easily, so that we could colonize the macroverse* that our precious earth is an electron, within an atom, within a molecule, within a cell, within a tree, within . . .

I think our world must be very like theirs in many ways. Where else would they get the ideas for the things that are made? “Let us make man in our image . . .” Genesis 1:26.

Thomas Edison called himself a prophet of technologies, that his thoughts weren’t his own. I wonder how many of my thoughts are mine. Often I say things glibly that are way too profound for me. The essence that works through me, feels like the Holy Spirit at times. If we are large and unwieldy instruments of a vast collective society, then my clumsy thoughts are the best of what can be orchestrated on such an unwieldy scale. Within time, we will be able to talk directly to them through technology.

When a woman can sit and talk directly to a woman who is infinitely smaller, then God and Science will have coalesced into relationship.

* I think I made up the word "macroverse" but I might have heard it somewhere, my dad used to talk about stuff like this alot.

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