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JamesPBear 2 months ago

Of God and Bear

The Bear and Girl discuss whether God exists…with surprising results.

The two friends sat together, watching the stars emerge in their crystalline thousands. Finally, Bear got up. “Follow me,” and walked off the porch. The Girl followed him, but put her hand on his back to guide herself, watching th...

dansangelflew 5 years ago

Clarion's Walk

a few years from now an AI specialist comes to terms with a new assignment and building a family

The letter finally came.I opened the envelope, unfolding the creases of the thick parchment paper.I scanned with bated breath.‘2020 Sapien Collective…..Congratulations, Clarion Greene….’Seventy-two brilliant minds from around t...

Pirate 5 years ago

Drink Of The Fruit

This is a lyric I entered in a contest using one given line.

Drink Of The Fruit Outside the city where the pomegranates grow, In the fields of the everlasting mind. Shines the rays of enlightened warmth I seek, And the hopes of a new mankind. To taste the fruit of Gods and...

LousyNick 5 years ago

Celebrity Deathmatch: Einstein vs Darwin

Einstein. Darwin. Who’s the bestest scientist of them all? Join us for the ultimate smackdown!

Happy Darwin Day, folks!On this day, 217 years ago, one Charles Darwin was born. You may have heard of him. He wrote this little book that totally changed the way we approach biology and even the way we see the world, and spent decades championing...

LousyNick 5 years ago

The Cocktails of Science: Drink deep, or taste not

Want to talk science, but can't get your buddies out of the pub? Science cocktails to the rescue!

I'm one of those people who just loves science, and wants everybody else to love it too. Unfortunately, many of my friends are more interested in imbibing fermented fruit juices and hanging out in pubs. And thus, in an effort to meet them halfway, have fu...

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Earth rises to the west, and a deep blackness thick as milk is to the east. Through the glass in front of you is the saddest sight you will ever see. But yet, you do not know why. Beneath you are screams of metal, crunching and...

fallingdove 6 years ago

Philosophy with a dash of God and Science

. . . a fevered attempt to reconcile God and the modern world.

I want, very much, for God and Science to reconcile. What I mean by this is that I want God to come off His holy highness and exist in a way that is congruent with the reality around us mortals. I want Science to quit being so dogmatic and narrow minded,...

Bending low over a dead blue macaw, the scientist said “are you still in there.” Probes and wires sprouted from between blue feathers and from small holes drilled to access the dead creature’s peanut sized brain. “Why are you doing this?”

eglouis 8 years ago

Five Minute Adventures Presents: Mister Sunshine

Continued from the pages of Raccoons Robbing Rail City

He was a tinkerer ever since he could remember; plastic bricks, tiny fake logs, that’s how it all began. Since then, he had graduated to bigger and better things–they weren’t actually very big things in any literal sense of the word, but definitely much b...

eglouis 8 years ago

Five Minute Adventures Presents: The Flying Ballerina

A short story from Five Minute Adventures

The plane had only been off the ground for about fifteen minutes when it hit turbulence. He was shaking; his white knuckled-hands gripped the arm rest, and his stomach tightened as he resisted the urge to vomit. It was only his second time flying. The fi...

Survivor 8 years ago

A Better Civilization

To the young people who will turn the world around

As I travel through this world of wonders Burrowing into arcana of life, Calling for someone to give me knowledge, Doubting the Word that is pressed upon me, Eventually it becomes so clear For anyone willing to look...