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Just because I feel the need

I don’t know where this story came from, I saw something and it upset me a bit that’s all I can say.

I don’t have the power to influence or to tell people what to think, your minds are your own. I write this because I struggle and because I feel the need to say it. I struggle as we all struggle. Mine is not a struggle with life or love, but a struggle with that of others.

I am one man, but I feel the pain of millions. Not from physical pain, but the pain of hatred and fear. Bodies can heal and bones mend. My fear is the voice of those whose minds have been destroyed by hatred, have made people turn their backs on what they know is wrong. That is my struggle.

The endless fight we see today and have seen in the past is not what we were born to do. We only ever needed to fight for survival and with the death of the past, so should that need. But we continue and we no longer consider our lives or that of others. We inflict pain and misery and turn our backs on our brothers and sisters. And we are all brothers and sisters.

The world was not created to divide and conquer; we were given the chance to create a world where the law of man was what we decide, not what people who only care about power, greed and hatred decided. We were never born to hate, hate is manufactured and engineered.

We are showered with love and bathed in affection from birth. We know nothing else until our minds are warped, so protect your children. Don't let them become corrupted by greed or the power of hate. Teach them the power of compassion and kindness. We can inspire millions and create great socialites, we can invoke the weakest man to rise up against his struggles and conquer his greatest fears. It does not matter who created the mind; a heavenly body or a miracle of science. Our collective consciousness is more powerful than both science and religion so never be ashamed of who you are, have been or may become.

You are beautiful and tell yourself that every day.

You have the power to do anything you want.

When you meet people from worlds different to yours, don’t fear them or show resentment. Show them you are your own person and you well help them. Don’t be told you can never help.

If you are wronged, don’t hate. Find what created the wrong doing and confront it with the mind to change that wrong. If a wrong cannot be found, dig deeper, and deeper and if you dig so deep you find yourself staring at your worst fear, don’t be afraid. Simply smile because you have won. You took the journey and did what you knew was right.

Don’t let hate fill your life. Hate consumes man, turns us into animals and creates a world where you are not yourself and never will be. Instead let yourself love and be loved. A single act of kindness can change a life and give someone hope in a world they thought was lost.

Do not keep love like a trophy; there truly is enough for everyone. Share it and reap the rewards. Love is not for the privileged or those who have paid. Let people know, and not just your friends or family, share it with strangers and your colleagues. Let them know someone cares and give them a chance to experience something they may not have known existed. Be the person to show them what can be achieved if you show compassion and understanding because there are no degrees of love.

The final words of love from a passing relative are just as powerful as a new-born hand wrapped around your finger. A feeling so profound you would die to protect it.

We all have the chance to turn our backs on the world and its pain. There is no shame in being afraid, it’s what makes you, you. Forget about what you are told by those who only want you to feel hate. They are the people who are consuming our world for their own agenda. They want you to fail, they want you to look down when you walk and to not ask questions. Never become what they want you to become.

Never underestimate yourself.

Give yourself the chance to succeed and let your fears become your strength. You are incredible and you can rise to any challenge. There is no question too big and no trivial issue. Help those who need it and be the person you dream to be and never let the doubters become the dictators of your life.

Treasure love and never let that go, the true power in affection is not your feelings, but that of the person you are giving it to.

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