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The Floor Is Lava

"Just a day in the life..."

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As the morning alarm sounds and the automatic blinds open, I rise from the couch and stretch. I started in the bed, curled up next to the woman who feeds and cares for me, but she moves around at night. So, at some point, like most nights, I moved to the comfort of my own space.

She smiles at me as she rises, bids me good morning, and offers me breakfast. Of course, it’s the same meal as the day before and the day before that. But I am loathe to complain as I’m not adept at getting it for myself. So, I make happy noises and graciously eat what she sets before me.

After our morning meal, I pester her until she gives me that look that says she’s had enough. Then I stalk out of the room, sulking a bit while she goes about her business.

A bit later, I bellow for her attention, and, sighing, she comes into the room and chats away while I search for something that’s right in front of my face. She giggles at me and calls me silly, then wanders away again.

Mid-day, generally after lunch, I curl up on the couch and nap while she hammers away at the keyboard of her laptop. She’s writing another story while I snooze, both of us doing precisely what we like best.

She alternates chores with writing while I move between dozing on the couch and staring out the window. She asks me what I see out there, but I have no words to explain.

In the evenings, we play a game called The Floor is Lava which involves walking from couch to couch and pretending our feet will be engulfed in flames if we touch the tile. Then we cuddle up with our favorite blankets, and she turns on the television. Soon, I find myself propping my head on her knee while she strokes my hair softly. I look up at her lovingly, knowing I am ridiculously lucky to have her as my own.

When her eyelids get heavy, we stumble off to bed. She gets in first, and then I climb in next to her. It takes me a bit to find a comfortable spot, but I often end up with my head in her hand once I do. We drift off to sleep, where I will stay until she gets too wiggly, and we start back to the point where I find myself back on the couch.

Such is the day in the life of a little gray cat and the red-haired girl she owns.

Written by KatarinaTechgoddess
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