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Cuddling Stories


Miranda lay there under her silk sheets afraid to open her eyes, she didn't want to face the morning. She silently scolded herself for her weakness of breaking a long-time vow to never, ever, ever slept with any man after the first date, no matter how att...

Two Lovers

Two lovers find other ways to make love felt.

Upon their bed both do lieHer on her side just rightAnd him right behindSpooned together this tonight. His hand is on her stomachPulling her closer and tightWhile she feels his warmthLying there together tonight. He runs a finger down to her hipShe slyly...

Just Us

Written shortly after meeting someone very special. You know who you are.

When I'm in your tight embraceand between your lips,The world... stops.Nobody else is here. Us.Forever, in sweet stasis.One simple hug, a warm lingering kiss,The world doesn't know, doesn't careHow much I love you,But I care. I love. I kiss. I hug.My pass...