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Comfort Stories


Growing Old

They’d grow into old age together, all of them, the dead and the living.

The girls had been getting along pretty well together in El’s room, El playing teacher, Em playing student (they always played the same roles without variance), but then Em had turned rebellious on her teacher and was threatening to not do her assignment...


Houses sometimes held onto what happened inside them.

The house stood at the entrance to the block, dwarfing all the other houses. John and Alice learned a bit of the history of the house from the previous owner, who was a bit of an amateur historian. The original owner of the house, a Mr. Reginald Bowens--t...

Please don't push me awayNow is not the time to stay strongI'm here, my arms open wideOr to just sit in silent commune with youNo, I can't begin to fathom your painI can only offer the comfort you seekMom, stepdad, niece, great-nieceNow sister all gone. T...

Draw me near and cheer meGrace me with your smileLet a veil encircle ‘round Concealing us, a while Let me lean against youStrong and warm and thereRadiating surenessShielded from life’s glare And as your chest enfolds meComfort’s warmth does riseCatching...

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The Door

Love's room beckons through an open door.

For months, she and I would talk to each other at length about nothing at all and everything in particular. Life, current events, what occupied our mind, what we did last night or the day before and so on. The conversation was convivial. I found her to be...

Full Blue Moon Chapter 3: Bonding

Hiro picks himself up, with the help of Kana by his side.

Hiro's alarm clock rang. He was still sleeping in his textbook, unbeknownst to his alarm. After five minutes of it ringing, Fuji came in and turned it off. He looked at his son, took his rolled up newspaper, and slapped him in back of the head. "WAKE UP!"...

my tears burst forthfrom their prison bank,where they have been from the beginning, where they had lived with my pain,swam in my sorrow and survived my nightmares.I let them gofor to stop them will do no cascading rivuletsthey travel down my facet...