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I'm a retired teacher who loves to read. I live on the beach with my hubby and my geriatric cat. I have three grown children and two grandkids. While I do have red hair and blue eyes, the avatar is not me. But the av does express my personality IMO.

Reading, writing, swimming, enjoying time with family. Traveling is starting to become fun again too.

Favorite Books
The Harry Potter Series, The Twilight Saga, The In-Death Series

Favorite Authors
Nora Roberts/JD Robb, JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer,

Favorite Movies
Somewhere In Time, That Thing You Do, Mulan

Favorite TV Shows
The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Star Trek: Discovery, Schitt's Creek

Favorite Music
80s music, Aerosmith, Queen, Lady Gaga, Cat Stevens, Classical, Rock/pop
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Sunday Afternoon

Enjoying a sunny day in our backyard.

Cotton candy clouds Above a sea of blue umbrellas Ripples dance across the water Specks of sand shine in the sun Fish fall prey to loons and gulls But outsmart the fishing rods Couples walk, and children play While music fills the humid air Afternoon bree...