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This May Make You Hungry

I was really hungry when I wrote this

Earlier, I was writing. I was really enjoying it, writing about food and stuff. You know how my musings go. I don’t figure them out in my head before writing. It’s just all in the moment. I like it that way, but my computer doesn’t seem to. Switched itself off, it did! The wee bugger got a smack on the head for it and told that I don’t like it. “I hate you!” Were my exact words.

I had this whole section about pork scratchings. I like them, but don’t eat them too often, for fear of heart attacks and strokes. I’ve been craving them though. I was craving a burger, too, earlier in the week - a big, greasy piece of shite burger. I didn’t have it though. I don’t normally eat that kind of stuff, but I think my body was telling me it needed greasy food, so sent the signals. I obeyed with the pork scratchings.

I think it’s a good idea to give in to cravings. Not too much, but just enough to satisfy the craving. I know the danger of that is you’ll go too far and wind up addicted, but moderation is the way to go, in my opinion.

That’s about all that I can remember, but there was something about needing to charge my phone. Well, I’ve done that. I’ve also had a wee fiddle about on my guitar (can you remember her name?). I’ve been watching guitar technique videos, re-teaching myself the basics. After all, if you don’t have the basics, you’re basically buggered.

Same goes for anything that you do. I remember watching The Karate Kid when I was younger. It was one of my favourite films. My mum even taped it off the telly for me. Anyway, the young man had to wax Mr Miyagi’s car, wax on with one hand, wax off with the other. Those were the basic moves he needed to defend himself and when it came to putting them in use, it was pretty much instinct. Of course, he hadn’t actually realised this, until a confrontation came along.

For some, instinct comes naturally, some have to hone it. Unfortunately, with guitar playing, I have to hone it, but for writing, I feel that I have it naturally. That doesn’t mean to say that if you have it naturally, you don’t have to hone it because we all have things to learn, it just comes more easily, is all.

Actually, I think those with natural instinct, in some ways, have to work harder than folk who don’t. If you have it and don’t use it, you lose it. For a good few months, I didn’t enjoy writing very much. I pretty much gave up. It was a mixture of stress from a whole lot of things and just pure laziness. That, and my muse fucked off.

My muse is back now and it feels good. I feel good. Well, I feel good about the writing, but right now, I feel a little bilious. I’ve not been feeling right since I smoked that joint. I know, I really shouldn’t have. I mean going by this:

I'm stoned.
Not with rocks,
with uh, grass,

Viola. guild shirts gagged my selections
&#$# far uhenm Qatar
Dr eruptions vs % eff gjkbx
I'm so stoned I can't concentrate very well.
shell smell Bell end

I really don’t think it was a good idea. Yes, I wrote that when I was stoned and did not edit it at all. I think it would lose something if it was edited. Anyway, though it wasn’t a good idea, at the same time, it was a great idea. You see, my head wasn’t working even before the getting stoned. I think getting stoned helped me realise what I was missing. So, maybe I craved it and I gave in, but actually, I controlled it, in the end. Not when I was getting stoned because I actually set out to get really stoned. It only took two joints, but when I wanted to get straight, I just said to myself that I wasn’t stoned and it helped.

Rarely do I actually just let loose and let things take control of me. This musing is taking control of me, but I am enjoying it. It helps to get shit out of my head.

I’m kinda hungry, but really shouldn’t eat any more. I had a bag of pork scratchings earlier, followed by an orange. It wasn’t an orange, but I can’t remember what it was. Satsuma? No. Tangerine? I think it was a tangerine. Meh, in the same family, anyway. Past their best, but I intend to finish them, anyway. They were bought for Halloween and still haven’t been eaten. I’ve had the majority of them though. I’m a bit of a pig.

The amount of crap I can eat is astounding. I’m a relatively skinny guy, but I can sure put the food away. I don’t see the point of eating if you’re not gonna do it properly. A salad leaf here and a wee tiny bit of meat here, ain’t gonna cut it, no Sir.

I’m a man, not a manly man, but I am a man. I need loads of food, loads of meat and a lot of love. Wait, love? Oh yeah, that stuff I’m addicted to. I’m addicted to her. I love her, so much it’s unfathomable. But I was talking about food. Ah, to have food with her would be amazing. Just to sit across the table and look into her eyes. Kitten has gorgeous, eyes by the way. She’s altogether gorgeous. I can’t cook much, but I’d love to cook her a meal and serve it in a nice romantic fashion.

I’m a romantic, soppy bugger. I love the idea of candle-lit dinners and walks on the beach, or just moonlight walks. Or walks where we end up somewhere secluded and watch the sun go down and snuggle, kissing ever so softly, gently and really just enjoying each other. And then we can go home and snuggle on the couch, with a roaring coal fire keeping us warm, with our many animals with us: A cat, a dog, two rats, a bearded dragon and (please) a wee pig.

I love pigs! Aw, they are so cute! The big ones and the wee ones. I love pot-bellied pigs. I was at a farm and the farmer kept a ginger pig. I petted it and it was surprising how soft it was. I thought it would be really coarse, but it turned out to be pretty soft. Similar to a shaving brush, in the just-before-dry stage, neither soft, nor coarse, nor too firm, if that makes any sense at all.

Speaking of shaving, I bought a shaving stick. I hear you ask “what in blazes is a shaving stick?” Well, ask no more, for I shall tell you. It is basically shaving soap,but in stick form. To use it, one works up a lather with it,usually by hand at first and then using a shaving brush to get a really thick lather. Then you slap it on your face and shave away. Okay, it is more refined than that, but that’s the basic principle. I shave traditionally with a safety razor. It costs a little more than modern shaving, but it is much more satisfying.

I have no idea why, but I have food on the brain. I’m really hungry! I want some cupcakes. Some that Aria has made. I bet she makes amazing cupcakes. Or maybe some soup, made by my mum. You know, no matter what, the only person that is going to beat your mum’s soup, is your gran. That is just a fact of life.

My gran made this amazing cream of mushroom soup and it was just prefect. It was warming, not only because of the temperature, but because of the love that went into it. And the seasoning was perfect! Just the right amount of everything. And huge chunks of mushroom! Yummy, makes me smile thinking of it. My mum, however, makes this lentil, tomato (it’s tomahto, not tomayto!) and ham soup. Oh god, it’s fricking amazing! Yes, readers, it seems the old adage is true: If you want to get to a man’s heart, go through his stomach.

Any woman that can feed me properly, has my vote. Hence my loving Aria so much. I keep mentioning Aria and food in this. I guess I’m craving both of them. Food with Aria, that would be excellent.

I suppose I should end this. I’m starting to babble. This is never good. Unless it is, then I’ll keep going. No? Shall I stop? Look at me, you all must think I’m nuts! I’m sitting here, arguing with myself on a piece of paper about whether to stop writing.

Well, it is better than talking out loud. I’ve always said, to be a writer, it helps to not be quite sane. It certainly helps me be me, so let me see, shall I stop writing this piece? Yes, I shall. But I shall end with a poem-thingy:

Aria and food,
Are really good,
I can’t think of anything, which isn’t crude,
Also that line was way too long,
Is this a song?
Shall I receive a gong?

Have fun out there and give in to your cravings, people!

Andrew =^.^=

P.S mew I love you <3 

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