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Seeing the Devil sitting on the doorstep telling everyone how to live, and what about the place we call home? With there being so many times it seems we live out our lives as if we are in chains and in most cases, don’t realise that we have the keys to those chains, with the escape in most cases being sleep. Most think we can just go back and it just makes no sense with the enemy residing deep within as one step is taken with two steps back in this grand illusion, and most say we aren’t responsible but, we are. Making most feel as if they are made up of broken parts right from the start, and stories aren’t told by the ones who think they are unseen. Still, they keep talking with none of it making sense from those “gospels” that are found scrawled on the men’s room walls. Running out of breath at times with closed eyes but, we have the stamina and not giving up to be free and alive.

Sometimes swallowing tears when making friends with the enemy that is seen in that mirror on the shelf, with nothing to be said at all with every secret kept deep inside and are sometimes very hard to find which makes things feel like we are sleeping through life as it happens. All this time making my way down the line in search for that essential truth it has had me look at the bright stars, with each breath being a moment and a triumph over fear though there are some who have set out on these back roads, railroad tracks, and old highways have been scared with most of them turning back and refusing to hear all calling to them to follow the steps of a thousand or more who have followed the call, or having been directed by the Tao. Still, there are those who are met out here who think life is nothing but their pantomime without thinking of anything but their pettiness or judgment of all they meet. I have no solution for the pollution of lies they spew, but then again what cares I for their words of praise?

Been a rebel following my own drummer and beat out here on these roads, and sometimes I wonder if I will one day burn myself out or finally find all that I have been looking for? Then again this just might be all I need, with there having been changes made both good and bad with words being cheap for the cold hearted as they fade away to mourn that now is gone. So, most of the time I ain’t talking and just keep on walkin’ with no mercy for them and their lies, and making my way through the cities with no time for idle conversation as I follow the path and read the signs. Just keeping focused all around and handling those things I stumble across while holding my own when called out and being strong enough not to hate or build up illusion and not afraid of confusion no matter how thick.

So, would you follow me to higher ground and not throw away your basic needs? If so then just turn your head and try not to look back or think out loud about having any regrets, and don’t worry about what might be seen or found out here when making your way on down the line. Just know that if I give my trust, I won’t be betrayed with all turning to dust as the price you will pay, with the nails of the past piercing deep in your flesh drawing blood as you continue on alone with your shadow beside you. Sometimes it seems when we head down the line it can be likened to passing through broken dreams and feels like a division of the mind, or being between the lines with it all at times seeming like being caught between brimstone and treacle.

Shower the tears in your heart after dealing with resistance and being turned away when the laughter dies, and carrying a torch in your heart while your anger hangs heavy on the vine and feels like a thorn in your side, will you be able to see beyond all the lies that threaten to tear you apart? So, just know your boots are pointed away from the past and waving your last goodbye as you burn those bridges down carrying with you those lessons that you learned. To the others just bid them a fare thee well and not give a damn as you pick them up and put them down placing one foot in front of the other.

Copyright: Timberwolf International LTD. May 2017 – 37


Written by Shotgun011
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