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Who's to blame

"God help the children of the future, it doesn't look very bright"
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In the face of the most recent massacre in the US, the unbelievable senseless loss of such young lives, as well as the lives of the teachers trying to protect them. I have to wonder what this world is coming to, and what kind of people will inherit it.

When did it become easier to grab a weapon, and open fire on a multitude of innocent victims, than it is to accept our own short comings and learn to deal with it? Or to seek professional help,when life overwhelms us with the disappointments and disillusionments that we all face and suffer from.

Who is to blame?

Surely not the spoiled child that no one can deal with, because his mentors are nothing more than a group of cartoon characters, that teach them its normal to chase each other around, using anything at hand to render its victims helpless enough to make them their next meal. Or the violent video games we allow our children to play, because it keeps them out of our way and out of our hair, keeps them amused and quiet. The same video game that teaches them violence is the norm. Our modern day babysitters.

Surely it's not the fault of the harried parents that do not believe in any form of discipline, because it's the next best thing to corporal punishment, to place a well deserved swat to the bottom of the child that is throwing a temper tantrum, because Oh My God the parent said no... Or is it because someone said the child protection police will arrest them for child abuse, and violating the child's rights for disciplining an unruly child, showing them that such behavior is unacceptable. What ever happened to being responsible for the lives we bring into this world?

My parents taught us right from wrong, and respect for ourselves and others, especially our elders, by firmly upholding their rules, and not being afraid to paddle us when we acted out. That didn't mean we were abused, I never suffered broken bones or permanent damage by my parents source of discipline, but it sure as hell taught me to respect what they had to say. It showed our parents loved and cared enough about us to teach us, they certainly didn't want us going out and doing something Stupid in the future. Whatever happened to the parents turning off the tv, or shutting off the video games, and making the kids go outside for the social development they gain from playing with their peers?

Whatever happened to common sense when it comes to raising chldren, who ever gave the government the right, to interfere with how we raise our children, teaching them what behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not. Is it any wonder that our youth have such poor habits and morals? They have nobody to look to as a mentor, their teachers in school have little or no control, their parents don't have time and the government keeps taking away the parents right to be parents .

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