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Rachel_92 3 weeks ago

Computer Jargon

Frustration of computer language!

Is there anybody out there, who finds it hard like me, To understand computers, each time I press a key?   It asks me silly questions, like would I like to sync? Or would I like to clear my cache? If so, then click the link.   Can anybody tell me, wh...

Paperboy 11 months ago


I don't care about you, aka another First World problem

“I don’t care who you are or where you’ve been. Don’t tell me stories of your spiritual journeys or epiphanies. Screw your aspirations and achievements,” I fume as I scroll endlessly down my cellphone screen. “Just give me the recipe!”

AnnaMayZing 3 years ago

Kindred Spirits, Distant Hearts. Chapter 12

Katarina was losing her mind. For three days she had no-one to talk to and nothing to do.

Trieste. June 8th, 1941   As promised, on the morning of her departure, Willi had arrived at the front of the building on the dot of nine. The black SS staff car shone like a mirror in the sunlight and Katarina watched from her window as the Mercedes...

Sicarium 4 years ago

The Funhouse

Welcome to the Funhouse...

Welcome to the funhouse, a place of dim light, acrid smoke, and twisting mirrors Where truth becomes lies, facts become pointless, hope is an act of desperation, and lies become creeds A place of unconditional love, where people hate you, because the...

HazelsHeaven 5 years ago

Missed Chance

The past collides with the present.

Hidden in a church’s bell tower, I crouched as I aimed my rifle towards a black Audi down below. The target was a man with a dragon tattoo on his arm. I felt the trigger, viewing him through the scope as he alighted. A bullet in the head was all it n...

I can’t settle. My mind’s muddled. Images swirl inside my brain, Merging in a flurry of confusion; Memories, dreams, desires…I can’t focus. Nothing’s clear. My head’s awash with fantasies And I’m sick of them.I need you, Real you, in the flesh.I want...

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verbal 5 years ago

Local Infuences

Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest, no force moving them forward

By mid-afternoon it was snowing, one of those early spring one-last-time sucker- punch squalls, and as the sun went down, and the streetlights came on the temperature rose a couple degrees and the snow began to mix with freezing rain. This would have...

mysteria27 5 years ago

Cyber Relationships

Why can't I stay away?

On-line life can be so hurtful Words we type on a screen You really need to be so carefulThe words often sound so mean I really need to step backAnd find the will to stay awayI'm tired of the hurtful attacksThis is not the way to pass one's day I'm s...

TaliaRussell 6 years ago

Last Issue

Let's call the whole thing off . . .

Cancel meI've had my runI offer nothing newBetween my glossy coversLittle interests you You've been skimming over meFor months and months, it seemsOr leaving me abandonedWhile you do other things When you first discovered meYou grabbed me off the sta...