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A Better Civilization

"To the young people who will turn the world around"
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Published 8 years ago
As I travel through this world of wonders

Burrowing into arcana of life,

Calling for someone to give me knowledge,

Doubting the Word that is pressed upon me,

Eventually it becomes so clear

For anyone willing to look inside.

Give your mind space from simplistic ideas

Hucksters feed to us controlling our lives.

Inculcating and pandering preachers

Just trying to bend us deviously,

Keeping us docile and simple and dull,

Lacking the fiber to make our own way.

Must you allow yourself to be enslaved,

Never having studied the words they say,

Only accepting as sheep or as goats?

Promise that you will at least take the time,

Question everyone, don't accept through faith,

Risking nothing you'll discover the truth,

Seeking the truth you'll discover yourself.

Trusting in science to forge you a trail,

Universal knowledge may still be found.

Verily I say unto thee, it's true.

Warily I say unto thee, take care.

Xenophobia is rampant today.

Yours is the future. Cultivate it well.

Zealots never steer the way to wisdom.

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