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So Far...

What is it about the start of a New Year that gives people hope of change? As if, once the previous year ends, the new will be clean and the past can’t hurt us. I am, of course, a victim of this thinking. Or, maybe, it’s just me who thinks like this? I’m...

I want to be little again.Back when everything was wondrousand surely magical.All of the magic dissipatesas we age, as we gain knowledge, as our wisdom grows.No more do we wonder,we know.We know why the sky is blue.We know why the grass is green.And we kn...

What will be will be. What will not will not. The past foretells the future. The present is ever lost. Tomorrow we will set out. Tomorrow will send us home. Regrets we have in numbers. Rue the past that's gone. These are merely trifling thoughts. They are...

Where Did I Come From

The reason I am an agnostic.

Thinking of teachings that were presented to me in my youth, I have often wondered if Adam and Eve really did exist and if they did eat from the tree of knowledge? Were they father and mother of all mankind? Knowledge, it is said, is power, why would anyo...

A Better Civilization

To the young people who will turn the world around

As I travel through this world of wonders Burrowing into arcana of life, Calling for someone to give me knowledge, Doubting the Word that is pressed upon me, Eventually it becomes so clear For anyone willing to look inside. Give your mind space from simpl...

The Agent, Chapter Two

further experiences of an Agent

These Agent stories are meant to be read seriallyAlthough Simon had stopped by occasionally over the next couple of months to see me I hadn't received any information as to when I would be re-installed in my new body.But, I wasn't just vegetating. I was l...

Smoky Dream

Knowledge Acquired

Searching higher ground reason within The last of a kind that cuts confused the skin, Winds that blow ever so strong, fearless icy cold Cold that once was warm so alluring, inviting A blaze, flame tall, colored as the aurora borealis Waves of seductive fi...

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