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A Friend

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I try so hard

I give it my best

I try to please you

I give you all you request

But you are so loud 

And so very self focused

You are easily offended

You think I talk to much

You feel I don't act right

You hold it over me

Day and night

My every action is observed

I try to be perfect

But you always seem perturbed

I want you to love me

Or like me at least

But you push me away

There are others who come first

I try to understand

When you yell and scream

I apologize for everything

But at the end of the day

You are still unhappy

You think me abnormal

And tell me so

You want more from me

Or you will let me go

I fear I have nothing left

But I search very deep

I give you what's there

I grovel and plead

I slump in defeat

You beam proudly 

And leave with your pride

I lay in the dark and cry

But still not enough

In the morning 

You want more

I am not enough as I am

Though I try as hard as I can

But I have no one else

So I come to you

I give all I have 

I try to please you

The truth is you have me

And I believe that you know it

So you use me to mock 

To make you look cool

You push me aside when I'm not ideal

But I wait in the shadows for when you want me

Because I want you to love me

Or like me at least

Written by BBaker
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