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A Silly Poem About Grammar

You may learn something, but probably not... Who knows?

An interesting thought,
Though like it you may not,
Is the fact that a writer,
Could be much shiter...

...Without proper use of grammar.

And if it was illegal you’d be in the slammer,
For using incorrect fucking grammar,
So just be thankful, when you miss that comma
That you won’t be put in an everlasting coma.

Respect the comma,
To tame the coma,
Love the semicolon,
But spare the colon:
Too many of these and you’ll be no lon(ger).

Use those parentheses
(Though beware overuse of these)
...A well placed ellipsis,
Can be the as beautiful as eclipses.

Italics are nice,
But beware the comma splice!
For it may chop you,
That’s really not sugar and spice.

As I write this,
I know I’m being remiss,
For what have I done?
I’ve neglected to mention capitals.
Use them after every full stop.
This poem, my friends is now over.
I’ve gotta run, I’m going over the top!

Oh, one more thing,
Too, two and to:
Use them properly,
Oh please do!

Too, you see,
Is you as well as me.
A mountain we will go to
A mountain with dew!
Yes, us two,
Will climb a mountain with dew.

I think that’s it,
Please use proper grammar,
For if you neglect it,
I’ll give you shit! 
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