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come play a jigsaw with my brain

is it a single request? is it an infinite hard quest? what is this pain deep in my chest? I drive for miles every day I drive this lupping lonely way what is this rhyme I always play? I count from one up to a lot I count some serious some not where do you...

A Bubbling Pit of...

Inspired by a conversation with Kitten

A bubbling pit of shit,you shouldn't go near it,but there was this tit,who went near it. Curiosity was written upon his face,so he took up his maceand peered upon the waste.His nostrils were filled with it,"Poo, it really is a pit of shit!"He said as he g...

I should write a poem,So a poem I shall write, Though, actually, I don't feel too bright,So maybe I'll just take a flight.A flight to where?Now, that's a bugbear!I'll go to where I can hug a bear. I should watch out,Lest I get julienned,Or for me, it shal...


Just me messin around with words and terms

No Title Yet Superlatives and adjectives, are words to describe. A verb-ing word is a doing term, behind which I can hide. Full stops and commas, I infuse, with words to halt or pause. Without such things, I'd soon be seen, writing, un-verbose? I get so t...

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