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Book of dreams

"the second picture because the dusky bramble field woods and the haunting blue of my dreams"

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Eye lids flutter

Her nightmare begins

Tossing and turning like flotsam on the sea

Chased by something without a face

She clutches the book to her breasts, its pages tattered and torn

Her book of dreams

It pages written in her hearts blood

Her hopes and promises to her self found in its worn depths

Five keys to unlock her dreams

Two she holds, three she must win

She runs through a dusky wood

The trees mock her

The fog rises a Erie blue

She stumbles among the brambles, they reach for her

Heart pounding

Pulse racing

Eyes full of fear

Running for her life in this nameless place

A mad laugh as the shadows chase

Lost cant find her way

Utter darkness, trapped

She trip's and falls curling up in a ball

Gasping for air like a drowning man in this nightmare land

She pleads for help, she gets silence

In the gloom a hidden face

A soft laugh

The touch of a wing

A deaths head grin

He found her again

That dark prince of broken dreams

A cold hand in hers

No warm embrace, just a tricksters face

A icy kiss

Breath as cold as a January day

He taunts her

He cackles at her dreams

Reaching for her book he dangles three keys

She touches her throat

Her two keys hang on a sliver chain

She looks long into his cold visage, grip tight upon her book

She bares that place where her heart rests

Her one hope

Her everlasting dream is engraved there


She touches his cold cheek

Her hand presses against his chest, no heart beat, not a breath of life

She smiles at him

She moves in a graceful sweep, love burning in her veins

Her dream of love ignites

her body swaying, her feet moving to a beat he has never seen

She dances for all the countless dreams he has stolen

She dances for all that he has broken

She dances her love for even him, this dark prince of broken dreams

Binding him with her chain of love

Her vision of hope

Her unending dreams

Her light of love

Her dance finished, falling to her knees

Breath a smokey mist rising in the dusky air

She opens her palm and offers him love

A soft rustle

A ragged gasp

A harsh sob

Tears of ice fall

He hands her the three keys..

Written by ravenpearl
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