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Over 90 days ago
United States


Marcie Smith

Marcie was a valued member of the Stories Space community. Her profile page has been preserved in her memory.


i am a simple girl like the simple things in life,walking in the rain,listening to music,sitting on my front porch swing. drinking large amounts of coffee.

Reading, Writing, good conversation with friends,Art,listening to music, dreaming,walking in the woods, looking at the stars from my front porch.

Favorite Books
kushiel's dart, swan song, the stand, ,The last enchantment. The mists of Avalon. Interview with a vampire,Mayfair witches,Pandoras box.the list gets long

Favorite Authors
Mary Stewart,Stephen King,Ann rice,

Favorite Movies
lord of the rings, battleship, it's a mad mad world, dawn of the dead,tombstone,interview with a vampire,from dusk till dawn.

Favorite Music
Santana, matchbox 20,Shinedown, Halstorm,led zepplin, the eagles,seether,nine inch nails, Blake Shelton,seether,
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Today is going to be tough on me as I collect Marcie's clothes. All of my local friends say it's time, and I keep telling myself to donate so others will get needed clothes and coats. They asked if I needed friends to help, but foolish me said, "No, I'm g...


Finding your happiness is sometimes not as hard as it seems, just a bit of magic and belief

My hand rest between his ribs measuring the rise and fall of his breath Fingertips trace the contours of his face Every line put to memory for if its a dream I never want to wake I lay my head upon his chest The steady thump of his heart like thunder in t...

If i had a son

on july 4th i lost my young son in law through a tragic turn of events.this is my eulogy to him.

He was a golden boy A handsome lad A good son A fearless father A stanch friend Loving brother If I had a son he would have been like you Full of laughter and light  A country boys swagger and snappy comebacks Not my son in blood but the one of my heart Y...