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5 years ago


It's not you, it's me . . .

You were just A challengeThat’s all you were To me I don’t think I liked you muchBut wished You wanted me And wanting it So badlyNeeding To prevail ThinkingPlanningPlottingDetermined not to fail Upset it was upsettingI couldn’t reel You in ApproachAfter a...

7 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 61

Tensartis feels in love, but is unable to resist the temptation to hunt down Moro...

Chapter 61 The Labyrinth So I grab Alare and drag him to the opening. He frowns and begins to resist, when I jump. The rest of the headquarters explodes fiercely behind us. Hopelessness and fear grip my heart. We fall for a long, excruciating minute with...

7 years ago

Chapter 1:Failed Escape

I haven't really come up with an actual plot yet... R and R if you read this, Please and thanks!

"Rein-- I can't run... anymore..." Jae breathed through his mouth. Rein knew. She was the only one pushing forward through the twigs and dried leaves, he was pulling her backwards. She could feel it through their linked hands as they ran. Jae stumbled, an...

8 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 46

It all seems within the reach, when things don't go as planned, then Yasen finds out Zumi's secret

Chapter 46 Message for the Future When I come to, I’m on the floor with Yasen and Zumi over me. “Your heart has stopped!” My lover caresses my face, and looks into my eyes, not knowing what to think. I give in to his love and hold his hand. “I will restar...

8 years ago

Book of dreams

the second picture because the dusky bramble field woods and the haunting blue of my dreams

Eye lids flutter Her nightmare begins Tossing and turning like flotsam on the sea Chased by something without a face She clutches the book to her breasts, its pages tattered and torn Her book of dreams It pages written in her hearts blood Her hopes and pr...

8 years ago

To capture a ravens heart

trying to capture a reluctant heart

there once was a man who use to watch a raven fly day by day he watched her climb he watched as she dipped her wings way up high once he even heard her cry once she flew close enough for him to see the colors in her eyes and he begin to ponder why she cri...

Anonymous 8 years ago

"Oh, my gosh! I wonder if I'll see him again tonight too!!!" Eris shouted in pure excitement. Abby covered her ears to protect them from her loud friend. "Careful, this guy seems to be quite the charmer... Such a shame, he's only part of a dream. I would'...