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Published 5 years ago
You're a chameleon changing your spots
 Saying the words, you think should be heard
Pleasing every one and no one, your heart rots
That's fine, of course, whatever, how absurd

Taking on hues and tones of those around you
 Blending, never calling attention your way
 Losing yourself or never knowing who
 Nothing changed until that autumn colored day

Who are you? Whomever you want, I can be her, and I do
 Responding, not now, no one ever searched I'm sure
 No, not nearly good enough, I have a plan for you
 Muted shades and fading simply won't do any more

Unique, beautiful, an original I know that is you by my side
 No stopping, you search, prod getting answers I don't know how
 Finding a girl I remember, my eyes open so wide
 You push, I've found my voice, I have new colors now

Mine, splendid, shiny, glossy, they don't scare you away
You opened my heart and let them escape and be free
Scary sometimes, I often retreat. No, we'll take it day by day
 Chameleons are fine, but that is not you. Show the colors meant for me.

No hiding from life or what I can share with you
 I discover so many colors hidden away in my soul
Pastel shades gone, vibrancy embraces me, no baby blue
The wall flower no color girl is gone, you've made me true 

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