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Don't Feed The Trolls

"They are out there my friends...and you know who they are..."
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Published 5 years ago
To some the world revolves around them,
And nothing else can matter.
They’ll do anything to reach that end,
Including endless idle chatter.

They walk around like “Hey look at me.”
And are only happy when you do.
They’re like an exhibit for all to see,
Like an animal in a zoo.

Nowadays they’re on the net, joining many a site,
And they bully everyone around.
They’ll be on the computer, day and night,
If some attention can be found.

If they start with you, pay them no mind,
It’s the best thing you can do.
I can guarantee their words won’t be kind,
When they start attacking you.

They’re attention whores, as they’re known,
Or trolls as some may say.
They’re like little kids who’ve never grown,
They always have to have their way.

So take my advice, and don’t feed the trolls,
Because they’ll just create a scene.
They are the cyber world’s lost souls,
They are evil and they’re mean.


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