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Don't Feed The Trolls

They are out there my friends...and you know who they are...

To some the world revolves around them,And nothing else can matter.They’ll do anything to reach that end,Including endless idle chatter.They walk around like “Hey look at me.”And are only happy when you do.They’re like an exhibit for all to see,Like an an...

Kisses I send You

So happy you're back

I was feeling so sad when you leftBut today you came backThere's no more stressOur love can get back on trackTo see that you logged onKnowing your departure wasn't meYou're here now and not goneMy heart and soul filled with gleeWe're bound by a virtual co...

How I Wish

I dream of you always

I stumbled on a website Wasn't looking for anythingLooking for a place to writeWasn't looking for a flingWe met by chanceAnd back came the smileWe started our romanceLoving you is worthwhileWe chat and talk about our lifeThings about each other's daysThe...

Cyber Relationships

Why can't I stay away?

On-line life can be so hurtful Words we type on a screen You really need to be so carefulThe words often sound so mean I really need to step backAnd find the will to stay awayI'm tired of the hurtful attacksThis is not the way to pass one's day I'm so tir...

Love Is In The Air

I still love you

I’m so happy that we’re still friendsI believe we will still find our wayI plan to talk with you until the endI get excited every day We have gone through so muchBut, we still trust one anotherI can feel your warm touchYou’ll always be my friend and lover...

Excited to Have Met You

I'm really happy

I'm so delighted to have met you My heart flutters when you say hiLove all these feelings because it's newI'm so happy you caught my eyeOur flirtations really excite meWe have talked several daysI'm really happy and filled with gleeEnjoying you in so many...

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Goodbye Cyber Lover

A cyber relationship ends

Goodbye to my cyber friend, It's officially now over.Kind of happy, it's the end,We were not meant to be lovers. In the end, I saw your nasty ways,I need a lot of time to heal.I won't be talking to you everyday,This was never the real deal. You can now le...

Words on a Computer Screen

Choose your words carefully

When two people fight, It feels like the end.Words said overnight,Why did I hit send?You must be so careful,Of what you write.It can become stressful,No talking again tonight.Words can create joy,Or they can hurt.They can annoy,Make people curt.You can sh...

Missing You

I miss you so much

Thinking of you, when you're away, Loving you each and every day.Our connection is so strong,We haven't been chatting very long.I'm so happy when you log on,I miss you like crazy, when you're gone.I love our friendship, it means so much,My heart is warmed...

You have lost your cyber lover

Feelings of how you feel after this loss

Cyber relationships can come to a halt, They will stop abruptly, it's not really your fault.Real life situations may come up in their lives,And you're not part of that, how will you survive.These relationships can be a bit too intense,You have to be smart...

In Our World

I Love You

In our world, I love you so much.Giving you kisses and my soft touch.You bring me so much joy in my day,Chatting to you when we play.Everything you say, makes me smile,You're so sophisticated; I love your style.You're so kind and loving to me,When we chat...

Happiness Unbound

Finding true friendship on/Line

She came to me As a friend request I excepted her offer Thinking it was best. She read my works Thought I was good I read some of hersAs I should. We chat and laugh Black Boxes untold True soulmate found More to unfold. There would I be This night so late...


One girl pushed too far

Knowing she would die that day put no comfort in her heart. In just a few hours she planned to take away the pain forever. Dusk was falling, weak rays of sunlight painted orange flames on her and the wall behind her. She turned towards the mirror that hun...