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A place where it's darkNobody knows how to findInformation can be markedCriminals lurk behindThere's no way to checkHow do you get thereIt's really quite high techAll we are is quite awareSinister people buying informationStealing our identitiesCausing lo...

5 years ago

Don't Feed The Trolls

They are out there my friends...and you know who they are...

To some the world revolves around them,And nothing else can matter.They’ll do anything to reach that end,Including endless idle chatter.They walk around like “Hey look at me.”And are only happy when you do.They’re like an exhibit for all to see,Like an an...

6 years ago

SuperFriendly Newsletter: Heroics, Villainy and Venting

The newsletter that brings you the latest news and views on masks, mysteries and mayhem.

Greetings, one and all – it is I, Orl the Omniscient, coming to you from a well-hidden (and even more well-guarded) location, and I know you’re coming, so please just give it up, okay? Anyway, it’s been an interesting week in the weird and wonderful world...

6 years ago


Tell me; don't tell me

Pecking, peckingAt my brainShe has a smile so pretty -  Tapping, tapping  In my headI have to know: "who is she?"Searching, searching  On the net -What is their connection?Scrolling, scrollingThrough the blogsTortured by the tension -Looking, lookingInsta...

7 years ago

Is it a lost art?

Is it all to simple to find someone new....

After talking to you, I walked outside and leaned against the rail as I drag my cigarette and look out over the city.Wondering how this happened,how using the internetfills a need, a craving for affection. I guess I need to know,what happened to being wit...

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9 years ago

My Fantasy First Date

This is what my fantasy for a first date would be after meeting on the internet.

It is Saturday and the day dawned full of promise. I was in a very romantic mood, which lately has been very frequent. I have been seeing a young lady who is a student at Stanford University. We had been emailing each other for a long time and had met for...

9 years ago

Thanks to Everyone from RantingSenior

A poignant poem of parsimonious praise and gratitude.

Thank you for your thoughts and votes encouragement and cheery notes. I hope some did get chuckles from my story. It’s nice to get a little fame from dabbling in the writing game. A fleeting touch of literary glory. But also I’m compelled to say I could n...

9 years ago

For Words Alone

Love on the internet.

Can I love someone,Never seeing their face,Without their touch,Or their warm embrace?Can I love someone,Never seeing their eyes,Without their caress,Would it be wise?Can I love someone,Never seeing their smile,Without their kiss,Only their writing style?C...

11 years ago

Hearts Beat As One

Inspired by the Bo Diddley song Dearest Darling...this was my first romantic poem...

When people ask me how we met,I never tell them on the net,Cause people just don't understand,What happens in this cyber land,But it's love for me and you,A love that is oh so true,Although I long to hold you tight,Hold you near with all my might,I pray f...