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Your arrogance stripped me bare,
Leaving me vulnerable,
Open and exposed.
Such easy prey. 

Was it fun for you? 
Breaking down my wall, 
Taking a peek inside,
The bleak harsh reality of me. 

Was it a shock for you? 
Seeing me raw,
Neglected and scared. 

Was it too much for you? 
The perceived idea of me, 
Built brick by brick, 
Each one punctuating the demands of others.

Should I have lied to you?
Painting pretty pictures,
Smiles and sweet giggles,  
All to make you comfortable.

Am I too much for you? 
I’ve heard this before,
Never enough, always too much, 
The ugly behind the beautiful facade. 

Did I expose myself too soon? 
Peeling layer after layer 
Each one starker than the last
Rotting husks of lies and mistrust. 

How was I to know you weren’t ready?
You who pushed me,
Who stripped me bare,
And didn’t like what you saw.

Why do you hold on? 
My flaws were too shocking,
And my need too great, 
The lack of respect is evidence of that.


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