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Fall Softly Off The Face of Tomorrow

"The light of life battles always with the darkness of death..."
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Published 8 years ago

 I have no feelings,


A hollow sense of self.

I want what I cannot have and

Yearn for all that is beyond my reach.

I want to wake up gone,

Adrift in heaven

Away from a world that hurts,

If a broken heart hurts

What then of a broken soul?

Crumpled and kicked

Longing for release

But kept strung out on this thing called life

A sick addition that caves in the spirit

And turns it bitter to

Grinding teeth and evil eyes

And the heated urge

To bite and scream

To rend and tear and cry out


Fucking why!?

When music screeches

Against the ear

Like nails on a chalk board

No melody as once so sweet

As that sad and lowly tune

Heard with a shallow smile

Now so vacuously empty,

And long since frozen.

The dusty remains of love

Long ago set afloat

On the breeze of yesterday and

Left scattered behind the morning sun.

Run… run… Go

Be less and less

Dwindle and die

Fall softly off the face of tomorrow

And know no more sorrow.

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