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Hopeless Dream

"They said it could never happen."
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A beautiful day in the park
Not a cloud in the blue sky
A slight autumn breeze was blowing
It was a warm day, but dry

I was only one in the crowd
A fan since I was eight
We were all here for the big game
It has been quite a wait

It was history
My kind of heaven
Each team had won three
Best out of seven

It was the last of the ninth
The Cubs were one behind
A man on third and one out
The White Sox in a bind

The team's captain was up
Their closer on the mound
The air full of tension
There was almost no sound

The big slugger stepped up
Tapped his bat on the plate
We were standing and scared
It was almost too late

Their ace stood tall
No fear in his eyes
Focused and sure
Ignoring our cries

He stared at the runner
Then glanced toward the plate
He wound up slow and scowled
Famous for this trait

The crowd roared including me
To loud to believe
We were all thinking fastball
He tried to deceive

His change up flew plate-ward
He hoped for an out
Our hero saw it hang
And hit it with clout

We were frozen by the sight
It flew high, it flew deep
We began to jump and yell
The pitcher he did weep

The fence covered in green vines
No one was in their seat
The ball sailed out to center
It cleared by twenty feet

Our hero circled the bases
And scored the winning run
I cheered and yelled so loud and long
I never had such fun

The Cubs won the World Series
They were the winning team
I thought this could not happen
I must be in a dream

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