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Hopeless Dream

They said it could never happen.

A beautiful day in the parkNot a cloud in the blue skyA slight autumn breeze was blowingIt was a warm day, but dry I was only one in the crowdA fan since I was eightWe were all here for the big gameIt has been quite a wait It was historyMy kind of heavenE...

What Summer Means To Me

What I got to write on account of what Ms Carnahan, my teacher, claims I did yesterday in class.

WHAT SUMMER MEANS TO ME Summer means no school. Summer means having to mow your yard instead of going fishing or swimming. And to make matters worse, my tightwad father don't hardly pay me a thing for all that work. He claims riding around on a John Deere...

Somehow Brought Up

Of perseverance against empty promises...

Somehow brought up on the rules of the game Somehow brought up to the plate Somehow brought up to look straight in the eye Somehow brought up to lead off the base Somehow brought up to field ground balls Somehow brought up to think on the fly Somehow brou...

Middle Innings

Baseball reveals its truths as an aging pitcher is called upon in a close game.

Middle Innings © Copyright 2007, 2010, 2011 by Autumn Writer Author’s note: this story is entirely a work of fiction. It is not intended to portray any specific players, team or event. If there are any similarities it is completely coincidental. *********...