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I want to watch as their eyes light up when I walk into the room
I want it that when they catch a glimpse of me the rest of the world falls away
And I am the only one left in focus

I want deep late-night conversations about our dreams
I want lazy afternoons and 3 AM walks
I want laughter in the rain and soothing cups of tea
I want to cook warm meals and dance with them as I do it

I want someone to see me in my entirety 
Stripping away the carefully crafted mask
Zoomed in on all my perfect imperfections without flinching 
Navigating the bumps, bruises, and scars with patience and compassion

Someone who won't run scared of my love and someone who isn’t afraid to give it in return
Someone who makes sure that the last thing they tell me is that they love me just in case it’s the last time they talk to me 
Someone who is excited to share every last detail of their day with me
Someone who is unapologetically and unequivocally smitten by me 

Someone willing to venture forth into the unknown of life 
Someone willing to gift their heart to me knowing I would defend it with my last breath
Someone who knows the importance of consideration and loyalty
Someone to experience sunrises, sunsets, the rises and falls of the tides

I want someone who knows in their heart that they would stay by my side
Someone to hold me when the world gets a little too dark
Someone to shield and protect me from the blunt harshness of my reality

I want someone who knows I’m worth the risk 
Someone who couldn’t bare to let me go 
Someone who couldn’t even consider me as just another option 
Someone who couldn’t stand the thought of never holding me, never touching me, never kissing me again

I want to feel important, I want to matter. I want to love and be loved in return.

Written by SilverJaye
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