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love and romance

As I reminisce about our past together,I am reminded of all the times you kept me fullAnd how the door to your heart only required a pullHow I fooled myself into a forever Your voice; once a melody,Devolved into cryptic morse codeThe tepidness of your aff...

Fuel Season 3: Episode 22 – Koek vs. Koek (Part I)

While the Millionaire Affair continues to make waves, 2 other popular couples compete for attention

7th of March – Season 3 "I can't believe Moodswing would do this," said Brenda, pacing up and down the sitting room. Doris rolled her eyes. "Are you still going on about this? Brenda, it's just a race." Brenda stopped pacing so she could look at her young...

Love 'n War – A Fuel Story

Love is in the air as well as hate. Whose heart will be broken this time around?

13th of February – Season 3 TWO WEEKS AGO A cup of coffee. That's all it was supposed to be. That had been the idea when Savana sat down at the booth of Kieck's Kitchen. But then he walked in. Savana had been surprised considering that back on Fuel, he an...

Heart Surgeon

It's methaphorical

Heart surgeon You broke my heart You won’t do it again This is where it’s at Forget about me Forget it ever was Don’t forget it’s you Who pursued me Told me you liked me Was it my eyes? Got you hypnotized The shade of my skin Beauty kneels when the light...