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Is this Really the End?

"I am just me, I refuse to change."

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Do you not see what you've done to me
My heart breaking into tiny pieces 
From words that have been said 
Once a friendship that never ceases

A void is left where once was full 
Of a love so gentle and pure 
That was growing into the night 
Now left everything unsure 

I am worth more than what you've done 
Making me feel smaller than a snail 
You know how to hurt me so well
You did it all through fucking e-mail

You told me I was too sweet
Now rumors have been spread 
Loyalty got me nowhere 
You've filled me with dread

I trusted with all that I am, giving all I could 
You didn't ask, just took it away 
Now my heart does ache 
For a friend that once brightened my day 

Once again I'm the one lost 
Who will I turn to when life knocks me down 
Our friendship was supposed to endure 
All the things that make us frown

Someone came between us
You said never would that happen again
Told me a true friend till the end 
Oh what a fool I am 

A promise made you did not keep 
Another one gone just like the rest 
You told me you were different 
Of this, you would never jest

I hope you're laughing now 
As tears flow down my face
My heart in many pieces 
By the way, I've given you space 

When you are alone once more 
I'll be waiting, that's what friends are for 
I'll never stop believing in you 
My friend, my mentor 

A friendship that holds true
Through all the good and bad 
We've been through it all
To end now is so so sad. 



Written by tonyal
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