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It's Easy

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Please take note: Reader discretion is advised. This poem contains mature themes. It is about bullying, and some of the material presented may offend certain readers. In consideration, Stories Space has hidden the preview of this selection. By choosing to view the piece in its entirety, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to such content.


It's tempting just to say it.
"Fuck off bitch" or "Go die."
To say to those who anger you
That you wish they were never born.

It's easy to believe what they say.
"You're fat", "you're gay", "you're dumb as shit".
To try to make others feel less than dirt
Because they want to feel better.

It's easy to fall into the cycle.
"It's just a scratch. It'll heal soon."
To try to ease the pain they face,
They cut themselves or cause more pain.

It's easy to let it catch hold.
"I want to be thinner. I'm too fat."
To try to be slimmer,
They starve themselves because they're scared.

It's so easy to lose control.
"They're right. I'm just a failure."
To try to make things right,
They become failures overnight.

It's so easy to put on the mask.
"Maybe I can hide it. Then they'll leave me alone."
To try to be who they aren't,
They shoulder more than they can hold.

But that only makes it worse.
Eventually, the blade will cut too deep,
The heart will fail,
the mind will snap,
the rope will break,
And it will all come crashing down.

It's time to stop running away and start helping out.
No more turning a blind eye to the evils all about.
Don't let others suffer because of what they're told.
Speak up and make it known that they don't stand alone.

Written by TRacr14
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