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Jealous Rage

"A place I have visited in the past."
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Published 8 years ago

Jealousy can set one into a blinding rage.
Darkness all that awaits within this cage.

Holding our breath till nearly passing out.
Forehead turning purple, filled with doubt.

Wanting something that we can never own.
Senses delirious, all self-confidence blown.

Reality fades, abandoned, no longer able to grip.
Confusion rampant, mind goes on a revenge trip.

Decisions become clouded, fueled by this strain.
Assumed words, misunderstandings, only sustain.

Making another jealous, seems the driving force.
Attacking those who care without much remorse.

Finding fault with what is true, out of despair.
Words meant to console we are unable to bare.

Friends, feeling our pain, can empathize within.
But also feel painful welts raise upon their skin.

Trying hard to remember who is wielding the whip.
Each strike hurts more, open wounds widen and drip.

Only able to see darkness, mind becoming totally closed.
Friends withdraw farther, wanting no more pain imposed.

A vicious circle ensues, round we go, blindly swinging.
Feeling no one really cares, unaided, rejection stinging.

Not any closer to owning what was never really ours.
Totally alone in this self imposed cell, nursing scars.

Jealous rage only causes hurt for everyone concerned.
Resolving nothing, essentially leaving none discerned.

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