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Like A Feather Fallen

Awash in melancholy thought...

Separate from her comradesShe cannot soar, like they doCruely detached and condemned    To drift Inevitably toward  The darkness of the forest floor     Alone and cold    With bitter sickness  Filtering into damp decay  The leaf litter begins smothering  ...

Caller ID

On our day of reckoning, our alter selves will be revealed.

Many summers yes, have come and gone.Countless struggles, but still vigorous. Offerings abound, blessings numerous.67 plus years ago this old man did spawn. Like many who grew up in my day.Memories some good, some bad.Frequent challenges yes I've had.Dama...

Mixed messages

He came to her, but who was the second choice?

He entered their room online and she smiled and said, “Hi.” He simply replied, “I have something important to ask you...” Noticing he sounded nervous, she asked, “What?” “Umm... how would you like to go out with me?” In shock and needing a little time, sh...

You’re Not Bipolar If You’re Never Up!

Reptiles, garden hoses, blonds and tee-hees are the focus of a therapy session.

“Three tee-hees do not constitute a manic episode! You are not bipolar,” Dr. Childers repeated. “You are depressed.” He seemed a bit irritated.“But they were three consecutive tee-hees!” I protested. “Not three tee-hees interspersed throughout the day lik...

Old Texts

Old messages bring the past rushing back.

This musing only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.Sometimes, I remember my phone's inbox is getting too full. When I am waiting for the bus, I go through and delete old messages.Just a sprinkling of words in...

Jealous Rage

A place I have visited in the past.

Jealousy can set one into a blinding rage. Darkness all that awaits within this cage. Holding our breath till nearly passing out.Forehead turning purple, filled with doubt. Wanting something that we can never own.Senses delirious, all self-confidence blow...


Putting the past where it belongs, behind me.

You fell short of my expectations, took up time and created frustration You knew what to say and what to do, it's as if I was a challenge for you You fed me lies I chose to believe, that was me being naive It was not long before your poison set in and I c...

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I’m the Perfect Internet Date; Why am I Still Alone?

Mastering the social media does not guarantee happiness.

I am a normal modern male in search of a new mate. I use the social media to get myself a date. My web page shows my smiling face with brown hair neatly cropped. (In life I am completely bald; the pic is Photo-shopped.)  I tweet that I’m called handsome b...

No Place

Love lost

All this time I failed to see, There is no place for a man like me; My hopes and dreams will never be, A shadowman is my destiny. My late night thoughts are sad but true, What made me think I had a chance with you; You deserved much better than this man y...